If you’ve been around TikTok for a minute, you’ve come across this treat at least one time! I never knew the official term for candied fruit, but I definitely knew what the delicious treat was.

Tanghulu is a candied fruit snack popular throughout northern China. It has a fun rock sugar coating and is typically made with an assortment of fruit on a skewer. I made individual strawberries on a popsicle stick. Aka: kid friendly size!

So how do you make it?

Choose your fruit! Wash thoroughly and pat dry.

Assemble your fruit on a skewer, or if you prefer a snack sized treat (like me), insert a mini popsicle stick at the end of your fruit.

Bring water and sugar to a boil. For those with a candy thermometer, you’ll want to reach 300 degrees. For those without, this process takes about 8-10 minutes.

Pro tip: Do the water test! Grab a cup of ice cold water, pour in a small spoonful of sugar mix into the water. If it hardens, it’s ready!

Dip fruit skewer/ fruit popsicle into sugar mix and coat evenly.

Place on non stick parchment paper, silicon tray, or serving dish.

Sugar hardens almost immediately and is ready to eat!


1 cup warer

2 cups granulated sugar

1lb of strawberries or assortment of fruit

Pro tip: recommended fruit/ strawberries, orange wedges, blueberries, grapes

Quick video tutorial

This is such a fun treat to make. It’s simple and easy. I would say it’s fun to make with kids but the hot sugar can be dangerous, so maybe just let them poke the fruit with the popsicle sticks instead haha.

Try making these this Valentine’s Day and let me know what you think!!

XOXO, terri

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