Halloween Candy Board

(Scroll to the end to see 2021’s mini Halloween treat board)

As promised, this is part three of my meal board series! This has been THE most anticipated board in my house. As I was creating this board today, the kids were sniffing and lurking in the background like little wolves, ha! Needles to say, it’s been a hit. It’s such a fun way to entertain. So keep scrolling down to see what I used for this board!

The trick to creating a fun candy board is to try and find a good mix of candy textures. Chocolates, hard candy, lollipops, the works! It helps with layering and has a beautiful aesthetic to it. I also took a trip to the dollar store and found a good amount of props I could use to decorate and give it a more Halloween look.

I made a quick video to show you how I layer and build my board. Thought it would be quicker than typing it all out 🙂

How fun are these metal phrases?? Dollar tree find!
They come in a set of three, the last phrase says “haunted”

Super easy to make! All you need is patience and a truck load of candy- easy peasy!

2021 mini Halloween treat board

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Happy Halloween!!

XOXO, terri

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