Halloween Candy Board

As promised, this is part three of my meal board series! This has been THE most anticipated board in my house. As I was creating this board today, the kids were sniffing and lurking in the background like little wolves, ha! Needles to say, it’s been a hit. It’s such a fun way to entertain. So keep scrolling down to see what I used for this board!

The trick to creating a fun candy board is to try and find a good mix of candy textures. Chocolates, hard candy, lollipops, the works! It helps with layering and has a beautiful aesthetic to it. I also took a trip to the dollar store and found a good amount of props I could use to decorate and give it a more Halloween look.

I made a quick video to show you how I layer and build my board. Thought it would be quicker than typing it all out 🙂

How fun are these metal phrases?? Dollar tree find!
They come in a set of three, the last phrase says “haunted”

Super easy to make! All you need is patience and a truck load of candy- easy peasy!

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Happy Halloween!!

XOXO, terri

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