Urban Walls, yes.

I have been lost in a pile of projects and make-over’s around the house. The start of a new year usually makes me feel like it’s (literally) ‘out with the old’…and trust me, our home needed the extra TLC its been receiving, ha!

SOO.. I’m a such a dork, I forgot to take before/after shots of the boys room to help you guys really appreciate the disaster that I got rid of. I could paint a picture for you, here it is; imagine bright blue walls, crazy red and navy blue tree murals (UGH I know) OH and a very colorful 80’s themed bunk-bed. Hot, right? Sooo glad that is out of our lives! Why that made it into the house in the first place, is beyond me *face palm*

here are some pics of our son’s new and improved big boys room



these wall decals are SUPER easy to install and I really feel like it brought the whole look together. I love these plus signs from Urban Walls and they have so many different looks that now I need to re do my daughters room as well, oh my gosh, these projects will never end LOL.





So this window desk, oh my gosh you guys, my favorite part of their room!  It was such a fun + easy DIY, built it in 15 minutes! Now, I’m not super technical when it comes to lumber (and I JUST don’t know, lets be honest) So here’s my best and not at all impressive attempt at describing the process: For the table top, my husband picked out a smooth and unfinished piece of wood (<– thats about as technical as I get, ha) from Home Depot (very inexpensive) I added four table legs and secured them onto the table top with four heavy duty top plates  (comes with screws)



So, this is it for now, guys! Easel Board/Beds/Linen/ and bed accessories from Ikea

Wall + Dresser Decor  from Hobby Lobby

Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek around the boys’ new BIG boy bedroom!

XOXO, terri





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