Why, hey there spring!

I can’t even begin to explain how long we’ve been dreaming of spring! More than the usual amount, given the winter blues. This week has been gorgeous, just gorgeous. We had to make it outside and explore our favorite gardens.

You know when seasons are flirting with the idea of merging together and you’re just not sure if to layer up or down? Today was totally like that. Parts of the day were so chilly, and other moments of it felt like a summer afternoon. When dressing the kids, I’m always looking for an easy (and comfortable) outfit that I know they can play in. I recently discovered Childhoods Clothing and oh. my. gosh. they have the best pieces for babies up to big kids! I LOVE that 90% of their items are unisex. Works for my boys and my little lady… as you’ll see


This is one of my favorite Pullover’s from Childhood’s clothing, and in a weeks time both my son and daughter got good use of it. THE softest material, I just wish it came in adult sizes as well, ha!

this adorable pullover and pant set have to be my favorite look for Av, not only does she look all kinds of C U T E but she is super comfortable in it as well, and that is what ultimately matters.

so if you’re bored with the same old threads for your littles, and looking for great (quality) clothing this season, you will absolutely find must have pieces at Childhoods Clothing

from one mama to another, you’ll love what you find!

XOXO, terri





style sources: handbag by Nena and Co.

fox shoes: Old Navy

denim jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch

plaid shirt: Urban Outfitters







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