Macy’s #ideology

#Believeinmovement is what the Ideology line at Macy’s is all about. I had the privilege to partner with Macy’s  and learn all about this wonderful clothing/fitness line that has me gaga over it. I’m going to be real here and let you in on a little secret… I pass up comfort for style 99% of the time, because let’s face it, cute clothes aren’t always the comfiest! However, the Ideology line has come here to change all of that. It is so versatile that it can be worn as work out OR regular every day attire! That is HUGE for me, because being a mama of 3 can limit my everyday mom wear to yoga pants and flannel.


These tanks are SO comfortable I almost feel like I’m wearing pajamas! You know that kind of comfortable that almost feels like it shouldn’t be allowed in public? This is exactly what it feels like to wear these clothes. It’s second skin, I can move and frolic around these sand dunes like no ones business. HA! Also, this high temp day in January was a freak thing, just in case you’re wondering why its looking like summer over here. BTW- check out this bundle deal, water bottle, sports bra, and a pair of socks! On sale!!



Let’s talk about pants for a minute… these are sooo rad, guys! There’s even a little built in pocket on the waist line for storing valuables, how cool is that?!



There are so many looks offered by Ideology fun tees, zip ups, fleece hoodies, and much much more! Remember this line is ONLY available at Macy’s

thats all for now, loves!


XOXO, terri

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