Our New GAF roof with Lowe’s Home Improvement

This blog is sponsored by Lowe’s Home Inprovement and GAF. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It’s been a long time coming. Close to ten years now (crazy). We are FINALLY getting our old roof replaced. I know it seems wild that we would wait so long to replace something that essential, but honestly, something else always seemed more important at the time. You name it, it happened. It wasn’t until recently this year that Tim and I looked at each other and said “ok, NOW we have to starting looking into this”. Our area is like a magnet for storms, strong winds (can’t tell you how many times our swing set has fallen over), lots of rain, and all around bad weather- bleh. So you would have thought we would have been just an itty bit more proactive with making sure our roof was in good shape.

This last (bad) storm did us in. We started to have multiple leaks in our house. Mostly concentrated in our daughter’s room and that wasn’t ok! Also, I just hated to look of it. Really outdated shingles, most missing. Just embarrassing being that house on the block, you know what I’m saying?

Here’s a look at our old roof:

Kind of a hot mess right?! Even worse in person, guys.

When we started to make calls and try to find a roofer that would do a good job at a reasonable price, we were ran out of options very quickly. The quotes were astronomical and not within the budget we were looking for at all!

We tried Lowe’s Home Improvement and were honestly worried it would be the same type of experience… but it wasn’t at all!! They were soo kind and thorough about what our service would include, if we decided to move forward. Best part is that we could choose the roof we wanted and make these plans straight from our house! They had a Lowe’s representative come out to us! AMAZING.

During this meeting we talked about our current roof situation, and chose every detail of what we wanted in our new roof.

The PSE (Professional Services Exterior) representative showed us an amazing selection of shingles and accessories from GAF roofing

It felt so good talking through this process. For some reason it all seemed so complicated when we were in the midst of searching. This was easy as pie, guys. Setting up an in home consultation and meeting with our PSE exceeded our expectations.

The quality and price point for GAF shingles was incredible. We chose the Timberline HD® in Weathered Wood. It had such a great neutral color that worked well with our siding. We also decided to add new ventilation at the ridge of the roof to keep our attic cooler during those warmer months. These are things I learned during our consultation!

Tim and I just looked at each other because we couldn’t believe it! It was all soo simple to do. How great is it being able to have someone come out to you?! They educate you on the new roof (with samples that you could touch and feel), and give you that comforting peace of mind that other places aren’t able to offer (in my opinion). The quality and accessibility is a big win here!

After we put in our order, a crew was out here in less than 2 weeks!!

The big day was finally here you guys! I could have shed a tear, haha. We went to drop off the kids for their first day of school and by the time I came back home, the Lowe’s crew was already at my house, and had started tearing off those old shingles. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

I was soo happy to see them rip off that old roof. It was therapeutic!

This crew worked so hard and efficiently that they completed the roof in just one day! They cleaned up our yard and left everything looking so beautiful. Someone pinch me! Is it really this easy getting a roof replaced?! I mean all joking aside, this service and the product are unreal. We are sooo excited about our new roof. It’s stunning. I love the curb appeal it’s added to our home. Now we’re THAT house on the block 😉

Oh wait- did you want to see the results?! Just kidding, here is our brand new GAF roof!

If you are looking into replacing a roof, I would start (and finish) with Lowe’s Home Improvement This service can’t be beat. Super convenient for those busy schedules. Do it all from home!

Happy fall!

XOXO, terri

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Urban Walls 

As promised, another post dedicated to sprucing up your space! So you guys know I’m slightly obsessed with peel and stick wallpaper. I found it’s fantastic counterpart, peel and stick decals! 

Back in December we decided to do some minor improvements in Avenleigh’s room. I knew I wanted it to feel less toddler and more big girl, without an invasive approach… I just didn’t know what I was going to do about it. New furniture, new paint? All of that sounded like such a drag… well the painting part DEFINITELY did. Then I remembered my old time favorite spot for rad decals Urban Walls I decided to take a peek around the shop and see what new items popped up. Then I saw them…

These pretty babes 

These gorgeous Graphic flower clusters were EXACTLY what her room needed. That and a little dress up area, total score. They couldn’t be easier to adhere to the wall. It seriously took me about 30 minutes to get two walls done in her room. It was the quickest and best face lift I’ve done in our kids rooms. 

What’s fun about these clusters is that you can arrange them in any way you’d like. Spread them out, keep them close, totally up to you. 

Aren’t these beautiful?? There are also three color schemes to choose from… you can go with the coral/teal/orange, like I chose here. Or pink/white as well as lavender/lilac. ALL gorgeous. 

She totally flipped when she saw her room, and fell in love with her ‘big flowers’ as she calls them. 
If you’re as obsessed with flowers like I am, check out these stunning Peony decals they have!! (You’re welcome 😌) 
Do yourself a favor and check out this fun site, I promise you’ll fall in love with a few things on your visit! 
Happy Monday!
XOXO, terri

Shelfology Make-over

Guys, our pitiful kitchen shelves FINALLY got a make-over! I’ve always loved the whole, exposed shelving vibe… but we had done it all kinds of wrong. We bought the wrong types of brackets, wrong kind of wood, it was a disaster from the very beginning. It looked decent for a couple of months until the cringe worthy warping, began. It was slight, but it bothered me to no end. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

You can really tell on that top shelf, it was like this sinking situation, dead center. 

In any case, this was NOT my favorite corner in our kitchen and definitely the least photographed, ha! 

But… there is a hero to this story, and I can’t wait to tell you about this amazing product! I’m raising my hands in praise, just sayin’. 

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Shelfology and I very quickly became obsessed with their shelving and their method of securing them to the wall. These beasts of brackets can hold so much weight, and it’s wonderful because the shelves are incredibly solid and sturdy.

We opted for the floating brackets, because yes. How gorgeous are floating shelves?! They’re also very easy to install. 

Aren’t these gorgeous, guys?! Oh I also added a little distressed wallpaper because I love wallpaper. It’s a thing. Don’t judge.

So are you ready to see how rad these shelves look when they’re all set up? I’m sooo happy with the final look. 


Such a huge difference! You guys need to run and check out Shelfology these beautifully designed shelves will make any space look a thousand percent improved. 

[If you’re digging the home improvement posts, I have a fun urban walls post coming soon!]
Happy Thursday!

XOXO, terri 

Urban Walls, yes.

I have been lost in a pile of projects and make-over’s around the house. The start of a new year usually makes me feel like it’s (literally) ‘out with the old’…and trust me, our home needed the extra TLC its been receiving, ha!

SOO.. I’m a such a dork, I forgot to take before/after shots of the boys room to help you guys really appreciate the disaster that I got rid of. I could paint a picture for you, here it is; imagine bright blue walls, crazy red and navy blue tree murals (UGH I know) OH and a very colorful 80’s themed bunk-bed. Hot, right? Sooo glad that is out of our lives! Why that made it into the house in the first place, is beyond me *face palm*

here are some pics of our son’s new and improved big boys room



these wall decals are SUPER easy to install and I really feel like it brought the whole look together. I love these plus signs from Urban Walls and they have so many different looks that now I need to re do my daughters room as well, oh my gosh, these projects will never end LOL.





So this window desk, oh my gosh you guys, my favorite part of their room!  It was such a fun + easy DIY, built it in 15 minutes! Now, I’m not super technical when it comes to lumber (and I JUST don’t know, lets be honest) So here’s my best and not at all impressive attempt at describing the process: For the table top, my husband picked out a smooth and unfinished piece of wood (<– thats about as technical as I get, ha) from Home Depot (very inexpensive) I added four table legs and secured them onto the table top with four heavy duty top plates  (comes with screws)



So, this is it for now, guys! Easel Board/Beds/Linen/ and bed accessories from Ikea

Wall + Dresser Decor  from Hobby Lobby

Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek around the boys’ new BIG boy bedroom!

XOXO, terri