DIY Bunny Goodie Bags

Looking for a fun way to store goodies for your kiddos this Easter? Or a cute classroom goodie bag the students will love? I got ya! These DIY Bunny Goodie Bags are perfect and take about 2 minutes to make.

White bunny bags with cotton tails (video tutorial down below)

So let’s get right into it…

What you’ll need:

• Brown or white paper lunch bags

• Scissors

• Ribbon

• Pom poms (optional for cotton tail)

• glue gun (optional for cotton tail)

How to make it:

Take one paper lunch bag and fold it in half, the long way. Begin to cut a straight line on the folded portion of the bag (see video tutorial for instructions down below) about an inch or so. Once straight line has been cut, start to cut out an ear shape as best as you can. You should be cutting up and finishing ear shape toward the unfolded part of the bag. The top of the bag should be curved, as that will be the top of the bunny ear. You can always draw your shape first before cutting for more precision!

Pro tip: where you begin to cut the bag will determine the length of the ears. For longer ears, start to cut closer to the base of the paper bag.

If you are adding a cotton tail to your bunny bag, be sure to hot glue the pom pom on the back side of the bag before filling up with treats.

Once you have cut out the bunny ears, it’s time to open up your paper bag and fill it in with your goodies.

That is it! Super easy to do! If you’re like me and need a visual, check out the video below for brown paper bag tutorial

White paper bag and cotton tail video tutorial:

Let me know if you give it a try!

XOXO, terri

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