DIY Teachers Gift Ideas

(Scroll to bottom for packaging gift tutorial)

It’s Christmas time and you have no idea what to gift your child’s teacher. This was something I always struggled with in the past until I came up with a little formula that works for us!

Like everyone else, I strolled down the aisles at target and grabbed a hot cocoa mix set or a mini griddle cookie set for the teachers, only to feel anxiety if that was something they would truly like.

I finally put myself in their shoes and thought, “what would I want if I were a teacher?”

I’m a sentimental person and so I really value gifts from the heart, you know, the handmade goodies you can’t buy at the store.

I thought what if my kiddo gave their teacher something personal AND something practical they could benefit from, all at the same time.

So while we gift the trusty gift cards (you could never go wrong with those), we now include, a personalized item.

Today I’m sharing how to make a DIY ornament that you can personalize using the Cricut joy.

What you’ll need

• Clear (crafting) ornaments/ found mine at dollar tree

• assortment of (loose) glitter tubs

• minwax water based polycrylic

• plastic squeeze bottle for precise pouring

• Cricut joy

• metallic vinyl paper for Cricut

• ribbon and other decorations for ornament

I would like to point out, if you do not have a Cricut machine, no worries! You can add any type of sticker letters or mini decals to the ornaments.

How to make it

Pour a bit of polycrylic into plastic squeeze bottle, enough to coat the inside of the amount of ornaments you’re making.

Use squeeze bottle to fill empty ornament. You don’t want to fill it up with polycrylic, instead, you only want to squeeze out enough to coat the inside of the ornament. Make sure it’s coated evenly. No empty spots!

Pour glitter inside ornament and rotate it to make sure all sides and area of ornament are coated in glitter.

PRO TIP: place ornament inside a cup or mug for stability and use a funnel to pour in glitter. Paper funnels work well!

Repeat these steps to all ornaments being used and set aside.

If using Cricut

Find a phrase you would like to use and follow Cricut instructions to cut out phrase. Follow Cricut instructions to secure phrase onto ornament(s).

Embellish the ornament with ribbon/ mini bells/ etc…

Watch tutorial video below!

Let me know if you gave these a try!

Package a teacher’s gift with me!

Happy Holidays!

XOXO, terri

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