Hot Chocolate Station

It’s technically winter and whichever way you drink your hot chocolate, should be celebrated. Whether you’re into the hot cocoa bombs or fun little hot cocoa stations, I’m here for it!

Today I’m sharing how we set up our little hot chocolate station. It’s mostly marshmallows and candy cane stirrers but it’s a fun new spin on how to set it up 🙂

Some suggestions…

Find a tray with dividers or create dividers by using cupcake liners/ mason jars/ mini saucers, you get the idea.

I used a cookie box tray for ours!

Swap out traditional candy canes for candy canes spoons. You can find these at dollar tree, Walmart, or Amazon.

Skip the boring marshmallows and swap them out for Christmas tree mallows, snowman mallows, etc… Dollar tree and Target have a big selection of these.

Swap out regular sprinkles for icing decorations. They float and look super cute!

Lastly, and also my favorite, create a marshmallows snowflake using a combination of mini white marshmallows and regular sized white marshmallows. You’ll need about seven wooden toothpicks. Watch video for tutorial!

Hope this helps spruce up your cocoa station this season!


XOXO, terri

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