Urban Walls 

As promised, another post dedicated to sprucing up your space! So you guys know I’m slightly obsessed with peel and stick wallpaper. I found it’s fantastic counterpart, peel and stick decals! 

Back in December we decided to do some minor improvements in Avenleigh’s room. I knew I wanted it to feel less toddler and more big girl, without an invasive approach… I just didn’t know what I was going to do about it. New furniture, new paint? All of that sounded like such a drag… well the painting part DEFINITELY did. Then I remembered my old time favorite spot for rad decals Urban Walls I decided to take a peek around the shop and see what new items popped up. Then I saw them…

These pretty babes 

These gorgeous Graphic flower clusters were EXACTLY what her room needed. That and a little dress up area, total score. They couldn’t be easier to adhere to the wall. It seriously took me about 30 minutes to get two walls done in her room. It was the quickest and best face lift I’ve done in our kids rooms. 

What’s fun about these clusters is that you can arrange them in any way you’d like. Spread them out, keep them close, totally up to you. 

Aren’t these beautiful?? There are also three color schemes to choose from… you can go with the coral/teal/orange, like I chose here. Or pink/white as well as lavender/lilac. ALL gorgeous. 

She totally flipped when she saw her room, and fell in love with her ‘big flowers’ as she calls them. 
If you’re as obsessed with flowers like I am, check out these stunning Peony decals they have!! (You’re welcome 😌) 
Do yourself a favor and check out this fun site, I promise you’ll fall in love with a few things on your visit! 
Happy Monday!
XOXO, terri

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