Shelfology Make-over

Guys, our pitiful kitchen shelves FINALLY got a make-over! I’ve always loved the whole, exposed shelving vibe… but we had done it all kinds of wrong. We bought the wrong types of brackets, wrong kind of wood, it was a disaster from the very beginning. It looked decent for a couple of months until the cringe worthy warping, began. It was slight, but it bothered me to no end. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

You can really tell on that top shelf, it was like this sinking situation, dead center. 

In any case, this was NOT my favorite corner in our kitchen and definitely the least photographed, ha! 

But… there is a hero to this story, and I can’t wait to tell you about this amazing product! I’m raising my hands in praise, just sayin’. 

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Shelfology and I very quickly became obsessed with their shelving and their method of securing them to the wall. These beasts of brackets can hold so much weight, and it’s wonderful because the shelves are incredibly solid and sturdy.

We opted for the floating brackets, because yes. How gorgeous are floating shelves?! They’re also very easy to install. 

Aren’t these gorgeous, guys?! Oh I also added a little distressed wallpaper because I love wallpaper. It’s a thing. Don’t judge.

So are you ready to see how rad these shelves look when they’re all set up? I’m sooo happy with the final look. 


Such a huge difference! You guys need to run and check out Shelfology these beautifully designed shelves will make any space look a thousand percent improved. 

[If you’re digging the home improvement posts, I have a fun urban walls post coming soon!]
Happy Thursday!

XOXO, terri 

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