The Ana dress 

Tell me you’ve heard of the LulaRoe takeover. I now know what ALL the fuss is about, guys. It’s not just the flattering styles either, it’s the material. It’s like butter. So flowy, and incredibly comfy. I thought I needed to give each piece it’s own blog post, so you can get to know them, individually, by name 🙂 
This week, I want you to meet the ‘Ana dress’. 

Kind of felt like a desert princess here, but that’s because this dress flows so beautifully. Every time I wear this, I have at least 5 people comment on how stunning it is AND ask where it’s from. 

I have a new romance with long dresses. They’re my absolute favorite go to, on any given day. 

This beauty does not break the bank either, which is comforting to all husbands alike. Haha! Also, one thing I have to mention which was a BIG selling point for me… I’m a tall girl, and finding the perfect lengthed long dress, is quite the struggle. This dress reached my ankles which is exactly what I wanted, I was SO excited. 

For more details on where to find this fun dress click here 
Up next on the LulaRoe files: Cassie 💛
Hope you all have a rad start to your week 

XOXO, terri

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