An interview with Local + Lejos

Good morning, friends! How about a different kind of post for today? I thought it would be nice to switch things up from my usual product review, and, maybe share a little more about me and where I draw inspiration for my decorating style.

I had the privilege to collaborate with the incredible Local + Lejos and try out some of their stunning products. In the process, we thought it would be fun to share about my personal decorating style via an interview. SO… I hope you find a little inspiration on how to create a space you love!

Before jumping into the interview, take a peek at this luscious blanket






Tell us a little about yourself! (job, family, location, background, education, etc.

Is it ok that this question gave me anxiety? HA! I don’t usually talk a whole lot about myself… but I can handle answering this 🙂 I think I wear many hats in the ‘job’ category, but to give it a label, I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 4 years and in recent years, introduced blogging into that process. As far as location,  I get to live on the beautiful east coast of North Carolina with my sweet family. We have the best and most rowdy kiddos ever – Liam 8, Phoenix 6, Avenleigh 4. I majored in Psychology, because I was too afraid to follow my singing and acting career, haha. No but seriously, true story


We love your Instagram feed, and the littles in it! How do you find a balance between your job and managing your home and family?

Aw, thank you. I really appreciate the sweet words! Finding balance is tricky and I’m not so sure I have it all quite figured out, but what seems to work well for us is being each other’s support system. We all have projects, due dates, practices, commitments, and each one of those is no greater than the other. We really work at making sure we help each other through these processes, and that means the world to me, not having to bear the load alone. That goes as far as maintaining our home in a decent shape! 🙂 The motto I try to instill is : leave it better than how you found it


It always looks a little cold where you live! Where are you currently living and do you enjoy the winter season? (I saw some snow photos in your feed!)

Haha, yeah it can definitely get cold around here! We live in a little town near the outer banks (OBX) of North Carolina. Um, I’m trying to find a good way to answer that. It’s a dichotomy haha. I enjoy the winter season during the holidays. It’s a necessity and must be present. Outside of that, winter can go back to where it came from BUT that is most likely the Florida native in me, lashing out :


How do you keep cozy on all those chilly days?

I do love a good blanket and sitting by the fire, and I never turn down a good strong cup of coffee.


Do you have any favorite hot drinks that you like to sip on with your kiddos?

Yesss, definitely! I love making our own version of Starbucks’ caramel apple spice. SO good.


What do you think creates a home?

I love this question because I feel like I’m always challenging to myself to achieve just that, less house MORE home! For us, I know its a matter of feeling comfortable in your space. I think I’ve made the mistake in the past of choosing pieces that were overpriced and not practical for our life. It just made it a very awkward house. You know what I mean, like the pretty couch you don’t actually ever sit on? HAHA. Who wants that?! Now we aim for comfort and practicality while keeping the aesthetic intact.


Are there any recipes that you specifically enjoy in the winter time?

Um, I automatically think soups first! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I will scarf down a good bowl of soup ANY day! This winter we’ve enjoyed a lot of butternut squash/ tomato soup, topped with fennel and feta.


What are three essentials to keep in your home all winter long?

This is equivalent to ‘if you were trapped on an island…’ haha. Ok, so absolute home winter essentials would have to be; a great and cozy throw blanket, a delicious smelling candle, and, an endless supply of coffee.


Sweatpants and blankets or bundled and adventuring outdoors?

Both! Who doesn’t enjoy a good bundled up sesh on the couch?? I like to stay active as well, so adventuring outdoors is always part of our week!


We love your style! What are a few design tips you have for home décor?

You’re the sweetest, thank you so much! Well, I think everyone has a different aesthetic but to give you a more concrete answer; try to find practical and comfortable pieces within the style you enjoy the most. This is especially a great idea if you have little ones! I’m a big fan of the midmod style, but not everything within that category works for our family so I mix and match what does.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read through the interview, hope it wasn’t too long winded, HA. Also, before you go, be sure to take a peek over at Local + Lejos  there are so many beautiful artisan pieces. Happy Monday!  

XOXO, terri

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