Walker Edison- The Huntsman Table

Happy 2017, guys! Hope January has been epic so far and if its been more blah than anything else… I have a fun giveaway to perk up your interest! So recently, I’ve gone through the interior design blues, you ladies KNOW what I’m talking about too. You look at your space and you get this urge to purge and start from scratch. I kinda go through this a lot, yikes, and to my defense, I don’t usually do anything about it. However, I sooo did this month and I’m loving all the new sprucing. Especially this brand new table from Walker Edison

gu1e5542 our dining room was a hot mess before, I mean, I did love our previous mid century modern chairs (which are now distributed throughout the house) but our table was just not functional in the least. I have LOVED this Huntsman table, its the loveliest and so much fun to dress up


Are you in love with it yet?? Ok, so here are the details on how to enter my giveaway: head over to my Instagram page: @terrimchugh and read the latest post for entry rules! Giveaway starts 1/20/17 and winner will be announced on 1/21/17 on that same instagram post


gu1e5532gu1e5534gu1e5563gu1e5528gu1e5531HOPE YOU WIN!!!

XOXO, terri

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