Top 5 ALDI Must Haves

Top 5 ALDI Must Haves

This post is sponsored by ALDI. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

HELLO guys! All caps ‘hello’ because I’m feeling extra giddy about the delicious goodies I picked up at ALDI recently. Also, I need to tell you about my experience there, since I’ve never shopped at this grocery store before.

Right off the bat, I knew there was something unique about this grocery store, and not a weird kind of different, more like a ‘I’m really going to love this place’, different. I inserted my .25 cents into the slot, and took off with my cart (like I had done it for years, might I add, ha!). It’s a super easy way to save you money by cutting unnecessary store costs.

Walking into ALDI was that feeling a child gets when filling up their goodie bag at a candy store. Not. Even. Kidding. Right away I noticed the plethora of organic produce, the crazy affordable prices. I actually read the fine print on the labels to make sure I wasn’t reading the price wrong, haha, total newb!

I could see why the place was busy with customers. I just wish I had known about this place sooner!

Sooo, I came up with a small list of favorites that I thought you all might enjoy. I can’t help myself, guys, when I really love something, it’s just natural and effortless to pass along the information. So, in advance, you’re welcome! Because I KNOW you’ll flip for these goodies too.


So, this is only about a tenth of what was in my cart, but they quickly became essentials when prepping meals!

The bread, the greens, and wine to go with my cheese… the motto of life, friends! Ha! Here are the five that made the top tier of favorites:


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This delicious 30 Miles Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect, award-winning (!) red to accompany any meal, snack, dessert, what-evs! It’s so yummy! You would NOT believe the price, either! Completely affordable.


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For the greens, these guys are my staple super foods. I literally find a way to add spinach and avocados into every meal. I’m not even joking. You can find these in my smoothies, dips, breakfast, anything and everything. I just made the MOST mouthwatering gyros and I found a way to incorporate these greens. Stay tuned because I have a blog post dedicated to that recipe. Soo good!

I saved the VERY best for last because they need all of your special attention 🙂

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                                                       Say cheese!!

Ok, so first of all, I need to say, I have never enjoyed the taste of goat cheese. I know, I must be some kind of weirdo, but it’s true. It never really did it for me. I am a lover of all cheeses and have never come across a kind that I didn’t like, so it’s always bothered me that goat cheese hasn’t had much involvement in my life. HA! This changed after I tried Happy Farms Preferred goat cheese!! Ahh! I freaked a little. I tasted it over and over to make sure I wasn’t imagining it, just to make sure I was really getting a good mouthful. Guys, it’s soooo delicious. It has a cream cheese texture and I used it in making a sauce for the gyros. It was finger licking kind of good.

And Manchego, well that’s a no brainer! I use Manchego shavings over salads, pasta, baked egg in avocados. It’s just a very friendly cheese and melts well… so delicious in quesadillas!

Ok, so I know this is a top five list but this is an extra bonus item that I just couldn’t leave out 🙂

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Can I just say that Naan flatbread is a gift from above?! Because it is. Really. What can’t I make with this?? I use this to make pizza’s, sandwiches, just recently, gyros. It’s just the greatest. Keep this in your bread box, it’s a definite must have!

There you have it guys! My top 5 ALDI favorites! Get to your nearest ALDI asap, it will change your grocery shopping experience! The quality of food and the affordable prices are worth your time. Happy shopping!!

XOXO, terri

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