Mommy + Me Minnetonka’s please!

This post is sponsored by Minnetonka. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I have every justification to twin with my daughter! 
It’s kind of our jam, anyway. Among the countless matching outfits/ shoes we share, Minnetonka  sandals has to be one of the top favorites. We have a thing for fringe, people! 

 Is this girl for real?! Where did all this style and attitude come from? If you could only see the fits she throws when she doesn’t have the right hat to match her outfits. I mean, heck yes, I’m proud that she doesn’t want to look like a ragamuffin all the time, but I get a little freaked at the wardrobe meltdowns I’ve had to witness. I might have created a little fashion monster… whoops.

Ok, so tell me the fringe on these isn’t the best! They’re so fun (and comfortable). 

These little moments with her are the ones I want to remember. Frolicking through a rose garden, spinning in circles until we’re so dizzy we can’t stand straight. Matching our shoes because she thinks it’s the greatest thing ever to wear the same thing as ‘momma’.

And even though these pictures may look ‘perfect’ I’m not trying to paint a false image of motherhood here. I have had SO many gut wrenching moments when I just feel that I suck at this mom gig. Feeling insecure about ever getting it right. However, I’m not a big fan of simmering in the ‘whoa is me, this is too hard’, ‘This phase is just too crazy’, complaining session. Honestly, there’s not a super mom complex going on around here, I just try to look at the gifts we have, and know we’re blessed to have them. Also, it literally just takes us going outside to make a horrible day, better, haha. That’s my big mom secret, don’t ever say I didn’t give ya anything 😉 

But back to the shoes… HA! 

Are you itching to know the details on these sandals already?! Here you go:

Mommy Me
You really can’t beat the style and quality  you get for the incredibly affordable price, guys. I mean that, I have been a fan of Minnetonka shoes, forever! I still use my moccasins, boots, etc… they have lasted for years and still look brand new.

Hopefully you’ve gathered a little inspiration for your next mommy + me adventure with your little one, but really, where to find some great sandals! 

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XOXO, terri 

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