Getting cozy with Burrow

This blog post is sponsored by Burrow. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I’m just going to put it out there… I keep buying the wrong kind of furniture for our family. Over and over again. It’s either too stylish and not practical. Too cheap practical and not enough style. For whatever the reason, I can’t seem to get it right and its SO frustrating.

One random day when I was perusing through the endless suggestions of my Instagram ‘explore’ page. I came across this very stylish feed. I forget now who the account belonged to, the only thing I can remember is that she had a great sofa. It looked super comfortable with the kind of design I was after. Thank goodness she shared the product link because it led me back to BURROW! Want to take a peek at the sofa before I go on? 🙂


Isn’t she a beaut?! I am the biggest midmod fan and I loved the retro vibe of this sofa. Another thing too, it didn’t look as stiff as other modern century sofa’s appear to be. I wasn’t sure though. I buried (haha, get what I did there??) myself in that site and researched this product to see if there was anything that stood apart from other places.

What I found when I was lurking researching this brand, is that they have a very honest vision and unique design that is pretty stellar in my opinion.

One neat feature (there are so many) of this sofa is that you can customize the frame into a sofa chair, love seat, or a very comfy large couch. Also, the variety of colors are just soo gorgeous!

Ok, now onto my FAVORITE feature on this sofa… I’ve been dying to tell you guys about it since I started this post but you know, the element of surprise and all 🙂


There is a hidden charging port underneath the couch. I KNOW, freaking cool!

Complete with USB and three prong outlets. It. Is. A. Dream. If this sofa wasn’t already the coolest kid on the block, this goodness, sealed the deal! I’m pretty sure the only issue with this feature is that Tim is constantly removing the charging port and taking it throughout the house, to use in other rooms too, UGH. 🙂

Designed, crafted, and shipped by us.

We work directly with all of our factories, which means we’re able to ensure the integrity of the entire production process. And by skipping retailers and shipping directly to you, we remove the industry standard markup, and even include the cost of shipping.

I am such a big fan of what this company is doing and how they’ve designed a great product at such an affordable price.

Oh and did I mention it ships in separate boxes?? For those of you in smaller spaces, or wanting to carry it upstairs, this is fantastic news. You don’t have to break your back, yay!! Super easy to assemble and when in doubt, there’s an incredibly helpful video to follow in the set up process.

Because I want to sweeten up your Friday, my buddy who works over at Burrow, gave me the inside scoop on a $50 promo code (if you’re in the market) COZY102, enjoy!!

Happy Friday, cheers to the weekend!

XOXO, terri


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