Under The Covers

SO, over the holidays we did a thing. We switched up our room… again. Even though styling our home is unofficially like my life’s work (ha), we actually never got around to updating our bed. It’s taken us 11 years, guys!

Started from the bottom now we’re here 🙂

In our mini makeover, we updated our bed frame and mattress as well as Avenleigh’s bed and mattress set. Let me tell you, it has changed the flow of these rooms in the best way. We’re 3 months into our new beds and it still feels like the first day they delivered it to us. Also, I intentionally waited a few months so I could give it an honest review.

So for now, I really wanted to focus on the mattresses we ordered because oh my gosh. You need to know about these! For our bed, we ordered a king size Retreat Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Also, did you even know Arhaus sold mattresses as well? It was completely serendipitous when we found out. The biggest selling point for us was knowing they are handcrafted ONE at a time. Isn’t that just incredible? They’re made exclusively for Arhaus too!

(Make sure to check product links at the bottom of this post)

We went with the memory foam which is designed to improve circulation. I kept noticing with our last mattress that I would wake up with a sore right shoulder almost every morning. I always thought I must have been laying on my arm the wrong way, but even on those nights when I was intentionally sleeping on my left side, I would still wake up in pain.

Happy to report the mattress is like sleeping on a bed of pillows! Can’t remember the last time I had any type of sleeping ache. Also, this incredible gel technology reacts to heat and pressure, cradling your body and allowing you to sleep cool. Brilliant, just brilliant!

We wanted to try the Plush mattress for Avenleigh’s room because of its plush foam support layer. We wanted to her to feel super comfy. The topper layer offers that “sink-into” surface. It’s so wonderful, the hardest part is getting her to stop jumping on the bed!



If you’re in the market for a new bed or mattress, Arhaus is the place to stop in, first. Their handcrafted pieces are so special and extreme quality- take it from the girl who spends lots of time (and money) into styling her space! I know a thing or two about amazing quality and dupes that are not even close to the real thing. THIS is the real thing!

Have fun looking through this site, its like Christmas morning over there! So many amazing pieces!

XOXO, terri

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Our New GAF roof with Lowe’s Home Improvement

This blog is sponsored by Lowe’s Home Inprovement and GAF. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It’s been a long time coming. Close to ten years now (crazy). We are FINALLY getting our old roof replaced. I know it seems wild that we would wait so long to replace something that essential, but honestly, something else always seemed more important at the time. You name it, it happened. It wasn’t until recently this year that Tim and I looked at each other and said “ok, NOW we have to starting looking into this”. Our area is like a magnet for storms, strong winds (can’t tell you how many times our swing set has fallen over), lots of rain, and all around bad weather- bleh. So you would have thought we would have been just an itty bit more proactive with making sure our roof was in good shape.

This last (bad) storm did us in. We started to have multiple leaks in our house. Mostly concentrated in our daughter’s room and that wasn’t ok! Also, I just hated to look of it. Really outdated shingles, most missing. Just embarrassing being that house on the block, you know what I’m saying?

Here’s a look at our old roof:

Kind of a hot mess right?! Even worse in person, guys.

When we started to make calls and try to find a roofer that would do a good job at a reasonable price, we were ran out of options very quickly. The quotes were astronomical and not within the budget we were looking for at all!

We tried Lowe’s Home Improvement and were honestly worried it would be the same type of experience… but it wasn’t at all!! They were soo kind and thorough about what our service would include, if we decided to move forward. Best part is that we could choose the roof we wanted and make these plans straight from our house! They had a Lowe’s representative come out to us! AMAZING.

During this meeting we talked about our current roof situation, and chose every detail of what we wanted in our new roof.

The PSE (Professional Services Exterior) representative showed us an amazing selection of shingles and accessories from GAF roofing

It felt so good talking through this process. For some reason it all seemed so complicated when we were in the midst of searching. This was easy as pie, guys. Setting up an in home consultation and meeting with our PSE exceeded our expectations.

The quality and price point for GAF shingles was incredible. We chose the Timberline HD® in Weathered Wood. It had such a great neutral color that worked well with our siding. We also decided to add new ventilation at the ridge of the roof to keep our attic cooler during those warmer months. These are things I learned during our consultation!

Tim and I just looked at each other because we couldn’t believe it! It was all soo simple to do. How great is it being able to have someone come out to you?! They educate you on the new roof (with samples that you could touch and feel), and give you that comforting peace of mind that other places aren’t able to offer (in my opinion). The quality and accessibility is a big win here!

After we put in our order, a crew was out here in less than 2 weeks!!

The big day was finally here you guys! I could have shed a tear, haha. We went to drop off the kids for their first day of school and by the time I came back home, the Lowe’s crew was already at my house, and had started tearing off those old shingles. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

I was soo happy to see them rip off that old roof. It was therapeutic!

This crew worked so hard and efficiently that they completed the roof in just one day! They cleaned up our yard and left everything looking so beautiful. Someone pinch me! Is it really this easy getting a roof replaced?! I mean all joking aside, this service and the product are unreal. We are sooo excited about our new roof. It’s stunning. I love the curb appeal it’s added to our home. Now we’re THAT house on the block 😉

Oh wait- did you want to see the results?! Just kidding, here is our brand new GAF roof!

If you are looking into replacing a roof, I would start (and finish) with Lowe’s Home Improvement This service can’t be beat. Super convenient for those busy schedules. Do it all from home!

Happy fall!

XOXO, terri

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Getting cozy with Burrow

This blog post is sponsored by Burrow. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I’m just going to put it out there… I keep buying the wrong kind of furniture for our family. Over and over again. It’s either too stylish and not practical. Too cheap practical and not enough style. For whatever the reason, I can’t seem to get it right and its SO frustrating.

One random day when I was perusing through the endless suggestions of my Instagram ‘explore’ page. I came across this very stylish feed. I forget now who the account belonged to, the only thing I can remember is that she had a great sofa. It looked super comfortable with the kind of design I was after. Thank goodness she shared the product link because it led me back to BURROW! Want to take a peek at the sofa before I go on? 🙂


Isn’t she a beaut?! I am the biggest midmod fan and I loved the retro vibe of this sofa. Another thing too, it didn’t look as stiff as other modern century sofa’s appear to be. I wasn’t sure though. I buried (haha, get what I did there??) myself in that site and researched this product to see if there was anything that stood apart from other places.

What I found when I was lurking researching this brand, is that they have a very honest vision and unique design that is pretty stellar in my opinion.

One neat feature (there are so many) of this sofa is that you can customize the frame into a sofa chair, love seat, or a very comfy large couch. Also, the variety of colors are just soo gorgeous!

Ok, now onto my FAVORITE feature on this sofa… I’ve been dying to tell you guys about it since I started this post but you know, the element of surprise and all 🙂


There is a hidden charging port underneath the couch. I KNOW, freaking cool!

Complete with USB and three prong outlets. It. Is. A. Dream. If this sofa wasn’t already the coolest kid on the block, this goodness, sealed the deal! I’m pretty sure the only issue with this feature is that Tim is constantly removing the charging port and taking it throughout the house, to use in other rooms too, UGH. 🙂

Designed, crafted, and shipped by us.

We work directly with all of our factories, which means we’re able to ensure the integrity of the entire production process. And by skipping retailers and shipping directly to you, we remove the industry standard markup, and even include the cost of shipping.

I am such a big fan of what this company is doing and how they’ve designed a great product at such an affordable price.

Oh and did I mention it ships in separate boxes?? For those of you in smaller spaces, or wanting to carry it upstairs, this is fantastic news. You don’t have to break your back, yay!! Super easy to assemble and when in doubt, there’s an incredibly helpful video to follow in the set up process.

Because I want to sweeten up your Friday, my buddy who works over at Burrow, gave me the inside scoop on a $50 promo code (if you’re in the market) COZY102, enjoy!!

Happy Friday, cheers to the weekend!

XOXO, terri


The Best Sleep!

Hey guysss, I almost feel like I have to introduce myself all over again (insert waving hand emoji lol) since its been a minute from my last post. What can I say? Real life happens and I don’t always get a chance to blog about it 🙂

So a few month ago, I shared a post on the boy’s room “make-over”. Saying goodbye to that hideously colored loft bunk bed into a more neutral, big boy look. During that time, I had to purchase a new mattress for Phoenix since his bed was actually a toddler bed then, that was part of the bunk’s “fort”. To say I purchased a piece of junk, is being kind. It was a way over priced twin bed that looked wonderful on line and turn out to be as flat as a pancake (even after I let the mattress sit and expand) in real life. My poor boy had been sleeping on a terrible mattress, and even my attempts at making it more comfortable by purchasing mattress pillow tops, egg crate foams, you name it, it never really worked.

Enter the hero of the story: Tuft & Needle when I heard about this company I was very intrigued. One of their trademarks is creating good, quality products that are sold at a fair price. I loved hearing about their story and how they formed this brand (read more here)

I had seen enough of my friends use their products and rave about the best sleep ever… I just had to give it a shot for this boy’s sake!

By the way, they had me at the packaging. It’s the little things that make my heart flutter 🙂



I’ll be honest, when I first opened the box and saw how flat the mattress looked. I never thought it could ever really expand to a decent sized twin

_U1E9658_U1E9660I was SO wrong. The moment  (I mean the literally moment), not a few minutes later…within seconds of removing the plastic, the mattress took its beautiful shape into the most comfortable looking twin



so here was the moment of truth:Was it comfortable to lay on or would it sink?? I’m here to tell you, every great review this product has ever received is absolutely true!! WOW. Just wow. Now I’m hating on every mattress in our house, ha! It is such great quality, its like a luxury mattress for sure. All the stars, and I’m not embellishing.



This boy is on cloud nine.He’s pretty stoked, in fact his told me it felt like a marshmallow. 🙂 THANK YOU Tuft & Needle for this mattress and for the BEST sleep!

Have a great Thursday!

XOXO, terri




Moroccan Dream

Happy Tuesday, friends! So I have another fun treat for you today, a little holiday cheer to make your December that much more amazing! How would you love to win a $200 gift card to Rugs USA ?!

We’ll get to that in a minute, but why not take a peek at our new Moroccan shag rug , this rug is so beautiful and I have wonderful news, it does NOT shed!


We have the 8’10” rectangle rug and it is the perfect addition to our most favorite space to hang. I was nervous about owning a light colored rug, especially in such a high traffic area like our living room, but let me soothe your mind a little bit— it does not get dirty easily! In fact, we’ve even walked on it with our shoes on and nothing, not a single stain!


Clearly, we are so in love with this shag deliciousness that I wanted to share my love for it with you all! GO to my instagram @terrimchugh for rules on how to enter this wonderful giveaway that Rugs USA is so generously partnering with me on!

Don’t forget to swing by @terrimchugh on Instagram for your chance to win a $200 GIFTCARD!

That’s all for now friends!

XOXO, terri