Wicker Egg Chair

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect wicker “egg chair” for our living room. With each on line search I was hopeless. They were SO expensive. I don’t mean a decent priced piece of furniture, I’m talking a substantial amount for just a chair!

Clearly, something unique and well made was going to cost us a pretty penny. So I decided to wait it out and invest in the right one for our family/ house.

When you have small kids, investing a ton of money in furniture is crazy talk. Am I right? Like I said, I wanted this chair for years. My kiddos were so young when I started looking for one.

One random afternoon when I was strolling through Target, I ended up at the patio furniture section and spotted the most beautiful wicker oval chair by Opalhouse. I was freaking out!! I couldn’t believe my eyes AND it was under $500!

Most people wouldn’t think to add a piece of patio furniture as a staple piece in their living room but this chair has that quality about it. It’s versatile enough that it just made sense. It’s soo comfortable too. My kids fight over who gets to sit in it, ha.

We’ve now had it for 2 years and it still looks brand new. With that said, I’ve seen the egg chair trend explode ever since target released it. It’s so common to see a bloggers home with that chair somewhere in their house. Pretty sure this the first trend I’ve ever jumped on early on!

Next time you’re looking for that unique piece of furniture that seems hopeless to attain, just wait it out- I’m sure Target will have an amazing dupe for it!

XOXO, terri

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