Patio Makeover with Arhaus

This blog post is kindly sponsored by Arhaus. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I have longed for the summer days that I would be sipping on iced- mint lemonade in the backyard. Watching the kids run around the sprinkler. Just enjoying the sunshine. Sounds like a hallmark movie doesn’t it??

The reality of our backyard was less utopian than that. In fact, its been my least favorite space in our house. Raise your hand if you can relate! While we live on an acre, the space we have carved out for our deck and patio area is NOT very big. Main reason being the climate. On any given day we can get high wind gusts that drag our trampoline clear across our yard two houses down from us. Wish I was exaggerating. Having furniture that can withstand the weather has always been a challenge for us. Honestly, I had given up the idea of a dreamy backyard space. Which is why we kept a small space available for a patio. Something close to the house so whatever furniture we kept on it would not blow away.

Loving Arhaus as much as we do, we were excited at the possibility of designing a space that would be dreamy and functional for us. I never realized they offered FREE virtual design! Basically, what that means is you have access to an Arhaus Interior Designer that is available to help you with questions, inspiration, and designing your space. This is a WONDERFUL process and option to take advantage of! Especially if you’re stuck on how to move forward with a particular space.

I met Donna Verdi via Arhaus. She is one of the many talented and gifted designers on the team. I love that we were able to jump on a quick phone call and discuss the vision for our patio. Donna wanted to know what expectations I had for that space, if I was interested in more seating or dinning, or even a blend of both. I felt an instant “she gets me” connection because Donna had taken the time to look over my interior aesthetic on Instagram to get an idea of my style. I mentioned the concerns I had regarding climate and needing sturdy pieces that would hold up well in unpredictable weather. Being Arhaus pieces, she assured me they were quality made items that would do exceptionally well, outdoors. From that conversation, Donna told me she would come up with a few mood boards and color palettes for me to choose from.

This was the first mood board- geared towards dining

This is the mood board we went with for a “more seating” vibe

I have to say Donna exceeded my expectations for that area! She knew EXACTLY what I meant by a more bohemian vibe. I was over the moon when I saw her design for our patio. It was so exciting you guys. I have been undecided for years on how to style that terrible space. How to deal with the fact that it was built so close to our bedroom window. I could not believe we were finally going to enjoy sitting around an amazing fire-pit and relax like I’ve always wanted.

Tulum outdoor sofa
Sevilla outdoor swivel chair
Malawi lantern

All of the pieces used to create this space are in the Arhaus catalog. The virtual designer option made all of the difference. Especially during this time, in which we have to keep a safe distance. This is a virtual service to use at your convenience. The delivery was contactless and set up for us in our backyard. So so wonderful! Please listen to me when I say: USE AN ARHAUS DESIGNER on your next redesigning/ renovation project. You will be so happy you did!

Here is the before shot of this space. So you can appreciate its transformation!

Happy summer!

XOXO, terri

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