The Magic of a Tulle Skirt

Ladies, can we agree that wearing a tulle skirt makes you feel like a princess? If you’re being honest with your inner child, you know it does… and you may even be caught twirling in it a time or two. HA! 

I used to think there was never the right event or moment I would ever have use for a tulle skirt, and then Pinterest happened. Different views and ideas on how to style these skirts. 1k pins later… it opened up a whole new world for me!

All I can is that I’m glad I was brave enough to go through with it because I LOVE my stunning tulle skirt. 

This particular skirt comes from the darling shop C’est Ca New York  and honestly the quality is quite good. I remember ordering a random tulle skirt a few years ago from one of those shops overseas, won’t mention any names, but the quality was horrid and not flattering whatsoever. I was nervous when this skirt arrived. I had flashbacks of cheap material and a limp skirt that didn’t resemble what I had ordered. I’m happy to report I was pleasantly surprised! 

I love the bounce in the skirt, and it’s so thick and plush, you can tangibly feel the quality. For the product you get with these skirts, the price is completely affordable. I love the length and style of my tulle skirt not too short, not too long… but then again, I may go shorter in the future for fun 🙂 

Hopefully this skirt has inspired you to add a little magic into your wardrobe, you really only live once ya know… make it count!
XOXO, terri 

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