Woom. Woom.

Parenting confession: I’m running low on ideas of how to keep the kiddos entertained this summer.

As much as I love a good day at the beach or hanging poolside until we’re crispy, its no walk in the park. Toting all that junk stuff around in 100 degree weather gets pretty old, very quickly. It’s just not relaxing, guys. There I said it! Buttt, I still want the kids to have an incredible summer before they have to go back to school. On that note, the other night I was pinterst-ing ‘fun summer ideas’ and I had an ‘ah ha’ moment when I realized we haven’t taken the kids out on their bikes yet. Gasp, I know! In our defense, we live off of a main street and riding bikes around here is kind of hazardous, ha! We almost always have to plan that as an outing.

I was all excited that I finally had a good idea to keep them busy for a few hours up until that moment I looked in our garage; aka- the bike graveyard. I promise we have the worst luck with purchasing decent bikes that can outlast our kiddos. Chains almost ALWAYS break off, handles snap, pedals crack. I’m serious, its like a freakish act of nature. Or just two boys between the ages of 7-8.

Back to the drawing board of ideas for me or online shopping, which ever came first. I’ll let you take a guess what option I went with 🙂








Heard of Woom bikes ?  Now, these are rad! They look like mini mountain bicycles for kids. SO sharp looking. Naturally, I’m so excited at the opportunity to be working with @WoomBikesUSA and clearly, so is Liam. His face lit up when he opened up the box and saw a  new shiny red bike waiting for him.

I was expecting this bike to be heavy, so when Liam went to pull it out of the box I totally did the mom thing “NO! Wait! You’re going to hurt yourself.” I was shocked when he lifted it right up. Either this kid had been bitten by a radioactive spider I didn’t know about or this was an incredibly lightweight bicycle. Even my husband was pleasantly surprised.



These bikes are made in 6 different sizes. Suiting ages from 1.5 yr- 14 yrs old. Isn’t that awesome?! Liam’s bike is a #5, 7-11 year olds can ride it comfortably. The seat height is adjustable and grows with your kiddo.

I took tons of detailed shots of the bike so you could see all the bells (literally, ha) and whistles for yourselves. It’s quality, guys!

Doesn’t it make you want to kick your current bike to the curb? Waiting on the day they start selling those adult bikes, I’ll be first in line!

Set up time took about 20 minutes and honestly, I don’t think it would’ve even taken that long if Tim had read the instructions instead of winging it. (Still love you, honey!)


Ok, let’s talk helmets for a second. Let me show you this adorableness


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the watermelon helmet and they’re adjustable, too! You guys should check out all of the styles. There’s definitely one to suit any personality. I was torn between this one or the 8 ball. They’re pretty great!

Liam is really excited about how he’s able to ride on the grass with minimal effort. His last bike barely pedaled across the yard, it was dud.

He’s been so obsessed with it that we’ve had to take it out everyday since he got it! Also, on the plus side, the days that I don’t feel like packing up the bike, he can ride it out on the yard. win/win!







These bikes were definitely made for some outdoor adventuring! They’re so worth the cost.  Also, before I forget to mention this, they offer FREE shipping in the U.S. and FREE return shipping. I don’t know about you know about you guys but that’s icing on the cake for me, haha. SOLD!

Check these rad bikes out when you have a minute, they’re definitely worth the time! Happy Summering 🙂

XOXO, terri








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