Spring Sandwiches

Need a fun new way to present tea sandwiches at your next gatherings or want to update your kiddos current lunchbox meal? Spring style sandwiches are the perfect option! Cookie cutters can turn a basic sandwich to the next level.

My kiddos love Turkey and Swiss as well and the traditional pb&j. Both of these types of sandwiches are delicious for events too. You can always switch up ingredients to suit your gathering.

What you’ll need…

• Large flower cookie cutter (2 if using on meats)

• Bunny/ bunny ears cookie cutter

• ingredients for sandwiches

• cherry tomatoes for center of flower sandwiches (optional)

• fresh herbs or spinach for flower “leaves”

How to make it…

Start by placing cookie cutter on bread and cutting out two flower shapes per sandwich. I would recommend having two of the same sized flower cookie cutters when also cutting deli meats. That will ensure there is no cross contamination in between cuts and will help you avoid the nuisance of having to wash in between as well.

Pre cut the shapes needed of all ingredients. Ex: deli meats/ cheeses/ bread.

Stack as desired! If your cookie cutter has an open center space, try adding a cherry tomato and placing in the middle for garnish. It’s super cute!

For pb&j sandwiches, cut out two bunny shaped pieces of bread and spread pb on one slice and jam on the other. Bring together and garnish with a fruit bow to give it a little color pop.

You can create all styles of sandwiches and make them really stand out at your next party or a fun time lunch for you kids.

Watch video tutorial for more!

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