Nutella Board

If there’s a version of a charcuterie board out there that I haven’t tried yet, please send it my way. I’m obsessed with the latest trend on butter boards. The sky is the limit with various options from garlic butter, peanut butter, and Nutella to name a few.

Also, if it’s not quite obvious, these are 100% fool proof. There is no way you could mess this up. So plan on serving up a butter board or two at your next gathering with all the confidence knowing it will be a hit.

Let’s get right into it!

What you’ll need…

• serving board

• angled icing spatula or knife

• 1 container of Nutella

• your preferred toppings ie: fresh fruit, chocolate pieces, sprinkles

• Graham crackers for spread

Using your icing spatula or knife, “paste” one scoop of Nutella on board. Should resemble a brush stroke. Repeat this process until the full board is covered.

Pro tip: once you’ve scooped Nutella on icing spatula, scrape off excess Nutella from sides before pasting on board for a more rounded look.

Once board is fully covered with Nutella- sprinkle on your toppings and serve with Graham crackers or cookies.

This is a delicious treat EVERYONE will LOVE!!

Watch video for “pasting” tutorial

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