Taco Tuesday, Old El Paso™ Style!

This post is kindly sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I’m pretty sure every family loves and appreciates a good taco Tuesday night meal, but at our house, it’s next level.

You guys know we love a good meal board and as of recently, I find ANY excuse to create one. It works so well for our large family, it’s functional, and just looks so pretty. Besides, it brings us all together in such a sweet way. It’s more than just a meal together, you know? It’s that special quality time that is so important. It’s the time we connect with each other in meal prepping; chopping onions or setting up the table. That’s one take away I’ve learned from cooking large meals… LET THE KIDS HELP! They love the kitchen action, spending time with you, and it helps you out in the process 🙂

Tell me your family is obsessed with the Old El Paso™ Stand ‘n Stuff Shells too?! If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to go grab a box after you’re done reading this! For those of you who have tried them, game changer right?! Goodbye to the days of taco meat spilling all over your plate! Tacos can be so messy to eat, this eliminates half the battle! Also; I’ll be completely honest here, most of the time I would bypass purchasing hard shells and go for the soft tacos. Simply because they’re too messy to eat. Taco night at our house looked like a crime scene of taco meat spilled all over the dining room floor. Eek! If this is your family too, these are the taco shells for you!

How We Eat Our Tacos

If you’ve ever made a meal board, you KNOW it requires a lot of different foods to fill up the tray. That’s why I make sure to grab all of our taco night essentials at Sam’s Club. They have all of the Old El Paso goodies that our family enjoys! Honestly, it’s the best value for the amount of taco shells and seasoning you’re getting!

What we used:

I love to start off with a spiral of Old El Paso hard taco shells. Add a dipping bowl of delicious Old El Paso refried beans (omg so good) in the center. Then just I fill up the tray as I go… but better than tell you, I’ll let you see. Check out the video below to watch this process:

Doesn’t it look so yummy and easy?! Honestly this takes no time to create and it’s such a great way to share a meal with your fam. Especially a large fam!

Next time you’re planning on have taco night! Save yourself some time and money and grab all of those essentials at the right place. Sam’s club has all of the amazing Old El Paso offers out there. It’s our go to!

Happy Taco Tuesday!

XOXO, terri

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