Hot Chocolate Bomb

Tell me you’ve heard of this craze? Or at least seen the TikTok videos circulating around. Apparently, hot chocolate bombs have been around but I’m just NOW finding out about them.

The concept is basically like that of a bath bomb. Same shape, same explosive effect! It’s so fun and cool to watch dissolve into a yummy holiday treat.

These actually sound more intimidating than they are! It took me 30 minutes to make 3 hot chocolate bombs and the only reason it even took that long was because of the time spent waiting for the chocolate to harden onto the mold.

Ok- so here’s (you guessed it) another tutorial video on how to make this yummy deliciousness. I’ve included full recipe (ingredients + step by step process) at the end of the post.

Updated my process this November! Much easier!
Peppermint hot cocoa bombs
Pro tip: decorate the rim of your mug with melted chocolate and add sprinkles! Looks amazing and tastes yummy with each sip.


1 bag candy melts

Hot cocoa mix

Mini marshmallows

Sprinkles (optional)


Fill 2 cups of candy melts in a bowl and microwave. Make sure it’s only 30 seconds at a time or chocolate will burn. I did this process three times, until chocolate was nice and silky.

Scoop spoonful of melted chocolate onto chocolate bomb mold . Using a small spoon, coat the inner wall of the cup in mold, making sure to focus on the rim. If your chocolate is spread too thin, chocolate cups will crack and break when removing from mold. Make sure to get an even coating all around! Important: you’re not filling up the mold cups, you’re just coating the shape to create a cup! Set aside extra chocolate mix for later.

Once mold has been filled, set aside 10-15 minutes until chocolate has hardened. If you’re pressed for time and want to speed up the process- stick the mold in the freezer for 5-7 minutes.

Once chocolate has hardened and there are not pliable areas left. Remove chocolate from mold by gently pulling sides of each individual cup, so the rim separates nice and even and you’re able to pull chocolate off the mold without a problem.

Mold will make six cups. Separate 3 cups and fill each one with one spoonful of dry hot cocoa mix and a handful of mini marshmallows.

Take the last remaining cups and use those for the “lids”. Grab that extra chocolate mixture from earlier and line the rim of the filled cup and the lid cup with a bead of chocolate, like glue. Place lid overtop and secure the outside edges with a bit more chocolate. This time using an icing spatula or small knife. Watch video for reference!

Decorate your hot chocolate bomb by piping on extra melted chocolate mix and sprinkles.

To dissolve hot chocolate bombs, place in wide rimmed mug and pour hot milk over it. Watch it explode in your milk and create a super fun and yummy treat!


XOXO, terri

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