WHO Takes Your Photos??

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me, ‘who takes your photos?’….

One of the most unbelievable concepts for my friends, peers, and strangers (basically everyone) to process, is that my eleven year old son has been taking my pictures since he was 9.

Before you think that is just crazy talk. Don’t underestimate the talent children have! So how did this all start? Well, for a little while now I’ve been creating digital content for brands. I found myself hating life when trying to use a tripod. The camera never focused on the area I needed it to. It was seriously maddening. How many times can you run back and forth and stand in place before giving up?!

Waiting for my husband to get home from work obviously took too long because that good day light had already passed. So naturally one day I asked Liam if he wouldn’t mind snapping a quick pic for me. I showed him what to look for on the screen, how it would square up anything it was focusing on. I made up a short term we refer to “head and feet”. A pretty straightforward phrase meaning he should include from head to feet in the shot. I could not believe how quickly he caught on!!

A professional camera makes anyone look good though, right? Actually NO. Not everyone can capture the right angle or even the right moment. My husband is amazing and so great at MANY things, except photography. He’s tried, but the shots never make the cut haha. Love you honey!

Fast forward three years, here we are, taking our own family portraits for our Christmas cards. In my opinion, completely killing it. It just makes our memories even more special because you know who took that shot.

Here’s a peek at our 2019 Christmas portraits taken by myself and my beautiful 11 yr old boy, Liam.


XOXO, terri

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