Gift A Special Moment in Time


This blog post is kindly sponsored by All thoughts expressed are my own.

You wouldn’t believe I was a professional photographer if you walked into our house. It’s unbelievable how few photos I have printed and framed. I spend so much time creating beautiful images for my clients that I more than neglect to do the same for our family. I’ve been so convicted of that lately. I REALLY desire to have our special moments covering our walls. 

Which brings me to my next point, I recently discovered and was blown away by all of the options before me! I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store. Beautiful custom printing and custom framing. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks- I don’t have an updated photo of our family up. I mean, let’s be totally honest, I don’t even have an old family photo of us up! It’s either a photo of the kids, or just me and Tim. Hey, it’s hard grabbing those family shots, am I right?? Anyway, this inspired the family photo shoot we had a few weeks ago, which, you guys, turned out to be THE best shots we’ve ever captured of our family. I couldn’t wait to get home and search the site. 

I knew right away which photo I wanted to have framed and printed. Since I’m totally feeling the canvas style these days, I chose the white bordered canvas print. Before, I show you just how AMAZING it turned out, I just have to say that seeing our image printed out and framed so beautifully had me in my feelings. It reminded of that day and how sweet our afternoon was. It made me so thankful for these days. For this season of our lives. You know how people say, “these are the good ole days?” Well, it’s absolutely true! These are the days and that photo is a sweet reminder of it. So here it is:

And now here’s a thought: knowing how special this print is for our family, how sweet would it be to gift someone a personal moment/memory like this? I KNOW exactly what I’m gifting my parents and loved ones this year. Finding that right moment and printing it, is so worth it! It’s so much more than a gift, its like framing a feeling. THAT is what I want to share with others this holiday!

Be sure to take a peek at and see all of the custom printing services they offer! You’ll be so happy you did! You will receive free shipping over $99 when you use my exclusive promo code SHIPGOOD


Happy framing!

XOXO, terri


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