Gravity Falls Halloween Costumes

Not sure how it works in your family, but in ours, we try to rotate who picks the theme for our costumes each year. Then we vote (that process is THE worst). We could not agree on a theme to save our lives and we almost (dare I say it) did our own individual thing. Before you judge me, we’ve been doing a family theme for years now and it’s so hard letting go of that tradition. We came close though, until our oldest son suggested we dress up as the Gravity Falls cast. It’s one of our favorite cartoons and after conceptualizing the idea, I was all in! So if you’re a diehard Gravity Falls fans like we are… take a peek at our costumes. Hope it inspires! 🎃

I found all of the items on Amazon! I added little details like a stuffed animal “waddles” the pig for Mabel, old man eyebrows for Grunkle Stan, and journal number 3 for Dipper.

Grunkle Stan’s cane was a labor of love, lol. That almost didn’t happen but we were so excited with the final result. I found a similar plain, wooden cane on Amazon and drilled through an old magic 8 ball we had around. Surprisingly enough, the circumference of the 8 ball was very close to the cane and we could fit it through easily. We added some glue to make sure it was secure!

Dipper Pines
Mabel Pines
Grunkle Stan

Wendy + Robbie
Gravity Falls gang

If you want to give the cosplay costume a go sometime, try out this theme! It’s so fun!

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