Our New American Standard Shower

This blog post is kindly sponsored by American Standard. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

You guys, it’s happening. We’ve decided to replace our old bath tub with a new American Standard Passage Collection Shower. For those that don’t know, our bathroom has always been a thorn on my side, ha! Not sure why, but the master bath in our home is the smallest of all the bathrooms. Truly frustrating.

Years ago we tried to give our bathtub a face lift with a small DIY project. It was ok for a while, but it was never what we’d hoped for. It has always been so challenging making that space feel open and bright. I feel like thats my overall goal in our home- to make things feel functional without it looking outdated. Which is why we were on the search for something completely different and definitely more modern.

So when American Standard approached me with an opportunity to upgrade these pieces in our bathroom, I was ALL in! I fell in love with it right away! I hadn’t seen anything like that collection before. The distinct textured walls caught my eye. I remember thinking we could achieve a sleek modern look without breaking the bank. Also, I’ve always loved American Standard products because I know they’re quality items. Total win for us!

Having a contractor for this job was SO important to us. Even though it’s an easy install, we don’t always have that extra time to dedicate to home projects. Knowing someone could come out to us and take care of it was essential!

We covered all of our bases with our check list of must-haves:

• Product that is built to last

• Modern/Sleek design

• Service that provides a contractor

Since we all love a good BTS and before/after shots, here are some shots and clips of the process!






This is the textured wall I was talking about earlier. I LOVE how it simulates natural tones. The marbled look has always been a favorite of ours. I feel like thats the overall goal for me throughout our house, to keep things bright and (functional) modern. It just looks so beautiful doesn’t it? Completely changed the aesthetic of our bathroom in the best way!


We were also able to customize our shower by choosing our own fixtures and accessories. Give me the a rain fall shower head any day! So good! I’m thankful we found this combination of an additional handheld shower hose with adjustable water pressure. Tim prefers the jet stream option!


Did I mention we threw in an American Standard Studio Dual Flush toilet as well?? This one is amazing…yes, I just described our toilet as amazing, because its true. It has a dual flush for water conservation, and slow-close and easy lift-off seat for quick cleaning. Also, its space saving design is perfect for our small bathroom!


I’m SO thankful for the contractors and the wonderful work, actual magic, they created in our bathroom! It feels like a completely different space. I look for excuses to take a shower now, it’s a thing. This upgrade has definitely increased the value of our home, too, so this is quite the win/win.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, trust me and start by taking a peek at the American Standard Passage Collection. It’s beautiful, unique, and total quality. You can’t go wrong… you can thank me later.

XOXO, terri



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