Suay & Co.

How has July already come and gone, you guys?? I still remember that Friday afternoon when the boys had an early dismissal from school, and the excitement of knowing that school was out for the summer was so overwhelmingly amazing. Now, I’m thinking about tax free weekend and shopping for back to school supplies! I’m just not ready for reality to start again. I’m just. not. ready.

So in honor of keeping the perpetual summer vibe flowing a little bit longer, (and just sheer denial that the last month of vacation is upon us) I wanted to tell you guys about these amazing beach towels I recently discovered!

So Suay & Co. has these brilliant beach towels, like seriously they are so great. They’re a hybrid of a Turkish towel and terry cloth. Don’t get me wrong, I love the style of the Turkish towels, but let’s be serious people, why are they even called towels?! There are no absorbent qualities about them and clearly, terry cloth towels could use some style 🙂 Which is why I love these towels they’re the best of both worlds!


These are so stunning you guys, there’s no way the camera could capture how gorgeous these towels truly are. I’m all about those unique features in products that make them stand apart from the rest… saying that, I love the built-in pockets in the adult towels! The pocket is a great size to store your belongings AND it has a velcro strip to make sure those valuables don’t just slip out (GENIUS)!


and because our mini me’s need some towel lovin’ too, Suay & Co also designs towel for the kiddos they’re just as beautiful and just as snuggly! I love the hooded towel and its large size!


It’s always a happy day when I discover a product I really love, AND when I have the opportunity to share it with others, and because I know you guys would really love these towels…here’s a little treat for you 🙂 when you use the CODE: SUMMER at checkout, you will receive 15% OFF of your purchase! Did I mention they have a $5 flat rate on shipping?! All orders over $75 have FREE shipping you really can’t beat that guys. Happy shopping!

XOXO, terri




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