Happy Monday, guys! Hopefully everyone has been able to avoid this wretched heat lately- holy 114 heat index! Seriously, I love everything about summer up until mid July rolls around.

BUT… I’m not here to talk about the weather 🙂 I did however want to tell you about the new fragrance I’ve been swooning over this summer. It’s by Nomaterra and it’s THE most refreshing orange blossomy smell ever, sooo good. _U1E0835

Also, I’m pretty sure Cape Cod is an award winning perfume (just saying)

When I first heard of these fragrances, it was through an online search and I wasn’t exactly sure about how good these scents could really be. I read all of the amazing reviews but shopping for perfume is a hands on experience, am I right? Everyone has their own definition  of what a ‘good smelling’ perfume is. SO, I was really excited to see a scent quiz on their site!! A ton of fun questions to match you up with your perfect scent, basically a dating compatibility test HAHA, and let me tell you, I was definitely paired up with the right perfume!


_U1E0832this just smells of summer to me, I would have hand picked it in person too! I absolutely LOVE it. Which is why the blog post, we just naturally share those things we love with our friends, I couldn’t hold out on this gem any longer


next time you happen to be perusing the fragrance aisle at Sephora check out their on-the-go fragrance wipes, and if you fall in love as I have, you can find ALL of their delicious candles, fragrances, etc… over at Nomaterra


XOXO, terri

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