JIVA- activewear

Remember the days of working out while wearing those baggy sweats, the old high school t-shirt, and that crazy tacky sweat band? yeah, those days ACTUALLY happened to us all. somewhere along the way though, someone decided, feeling cute while getting fit was THE way to go… and clearly, the best motivation ever.IMG_8860IMG_8861


I’m really loving this fun active wear by JIVA. You know when something just fits right? This. just. fits. right. I feel when it comes to work out clothes, brands will sell you on anything just for you to try their product; they’ll push the “comfy fit” or the functionality and versatility of the pieces. You end up buying the overpriced ensemble, only to confirm what you initially suspected down deep in your gut: it looked better on the model, because its nowhere near that flattering or comfortable! Well guys, JIVA is nothing like those other brands, it REALLY is super comfortable and functional. I feel SO good in these yoga pants and I am obsessed with the high waist, because bending over shouldn’t be an awkward situation, am I right??




the motivation is real you guys; cute clothes = brings fitness goals to life! 🙂 Also, if you guys want to give JIVA a try, use the code: TERRI10 for a 10% discount.

Happy shopping!

XOXO, terri


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