the Bouqs

In the infamous words of Claude Monet, “I must have flowers always and always”. My exact sentiment, my friend! I have had the best obsession with flowers since, well, always. My heart skipped a beat when I heard of the amazing online flower shop the Bouqs they offer farm fresh styled bouquets and they’re just STUNNING. I was like a kid on Christmas day when my bouq arrived… also, receiving ranunculus, softened the blow to the fact that I murdered the seeds I planted earlier this year (not blessed with a green thumb).


Packaging is everything, people! I love receiving items and knowing it was well protected in the package. I’m not one to usually order flowers on line and so I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. This could have been a gamble, and I totally could have been greeted by wilted flowers. SOO not the case with this company, guys! They treat their flowers with lots of love


these beauties were safe and snug while they made their way to me 🙂


Aren’t these bouquet’s gorgeous?! I ordered the stunning cake-n-cream (cutest name right?) the greenery was soo fun, I love the long stemmed cabbage leaves



So luscious, guys! How great is it that you can grab the same farm fresh styles on line?? For me this is kind of epic because the flowers I tend to love the most, do not grow in this area, and basically I just sit and admire others photos, HA! Not anymore, I couldn’t be more pleased with my bouq these blooms continue to open up everyday


and right before you think “cute, but there are tons of on line flower shops” let me change your world for a second… the Bouq’s offer SUBSCRIPTIONS yesss, subscriptions! You can customize your subscription however you’d like too! Weekly, monthly, special occasions, or just because 🙂 Of course they have a same day delivery option for those of us who have to have our flowers ASAP! Honestly, it doesn’t get more fabulous than that!

Take a peek, I promise you’ll fall in love too!!

XOXO, terri 



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