Sugar Wafers Pencil Treats

I’ve seen these little treats on line for the last few years but always passed them up, thinking it would take too long to make. I couldn’t of been more wrong! These are SO easy to create. I would say it took me less than 20 minutes to get them done- start to finish. Also, they are just the cutest little back to school treats!

So let’s get right into it 🙂

What you’ll need…

1 pack of vanilla sugar wafer cookies

1 packet of pink candy melts

1 tub of vanilla buttercream frosting (or white candy melts)

Chocolate circle sprinkles

How to make it…

You’re going to start by cutting the tip of the sugar wafer cookie at a diagonal on both sides to resemble a pencil tip. Once you have pre-cut the desired amount of cookies you want to make, set them aside.

Melt the pink candy melts according to package instructions. I melt mine at 30 sec (high heat) intervals for a total of 60 seconds. Mixing in between until fully dissolved and blended.

Take your wafer cookie and dip the bottom end (not cut) into the pink melted chocolate and place on serving tray or parchment paper to allow to dry. Repeat this process for all wafer pencils.

Once chocolate has hardened, frost the tip of pencil (cut side) with icing and place one chocolate circle sprinkle when finished.

That’s it! Super quick and adorable. Please watch tutorial video for step by step instructions.

Let me know if you give them a try!!

Happy back to school season!

XOXO, terri

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