Omni Homestead Resort

A review of our stay…

What a resort! All I can say is that from the moment our family walked into this hotel, we felt like we were stepping foot onto the most magical place. This was our first time visiting, and I have to say, we chose the perfect time of year to check it out. It’s extra special during the holidays. Just lovely!

Not sure why I hadn’t heard of this particular resort in the past. I know of several other Omni resorts throughout the nation, which are also stunning, but the homestead was THE one I never knew existed. It also happens to be the one that’s been around the longest. 255 years to be exact! The architecture is so charming. It’s a true piece of history. Did I mention among the many guests that have stayed there, Bing Crosby, Al Capone, and the Rockefeller’s are on the list?! Including over 20 U.S. presidents! It’s just a beautiful location!

We had the opportunity to stay in one of their executive suites that connected to a premier room for our kiddos. When we saw our executive suite we thought of the movie home alone! It had such a nostalgic vibe. It was a stunning room decorated for the holidays.

First thing we did when we got there was hit the restaurants. There are 7 to choose from and I can say this with certainty, ALL 7 are incredible. We spent so much of our time eating, so I know this for a fact. Haha!

Check this out:

There are also a ton of fun shops available! My kiddos loved the candy shop. I was ALL about their Christmas ornaments store.

Since it had snowed two days before our arrival, our kids were dying to get out there and have a snowball fight.

It was such a special moment for them. Memories made that I know they’ll remember for a lifetime.

We spent the rest of our day relaxing by the indoor pool. For those wondering what it’s like now during covid-19. Pool times do need to be scheduled. It was nice, we didn’t feel crowded and had enough social distancing to enjoy our swim.

This is the kind of resort where you don’t feel the need to go out and explore the town because everything you need (AND more) is right at your fingertips. We walked around the resort in the evenings, checking out incredible spaces and halls. Each one discovered, was more magical than the previous room. Even still, I know there were spots that we never even saw. It is such a large property!

I loved the evenings at the lobby. You could order a drink from the bar and sit by the fireplace listening to live piano music. Honestly, it was so special.

It’s the perfect way to unwind.

I was even able to schedule a massage at their luxury spa during our stay. I have to show you! Before my scheduled appointment, I was invited to sit and relax at the Serenity garden!

The geothermal Octagon Pool fed by two hot springs rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium with a temperature range of 96-97 degrees. It feels like heaven! I was almost late to my appointment because I didn’t want to get out of the water, ha!

My massage was UH-MAZING!!! I was in such a deep relaxed state that I caught myself snoring.

Details of the massage I had:


Inspired by Japanese tradition, this natural and nourishing body ritual begins with an exfoliation of cherry blossoms and rice powder. A unique foot massage revives vital energy and is completed with an application of melted aromatic shea butter, bringing blissful relaxation. 50 minutes

If you’re curious about what kind of activities they have available for the kids. There are SO many options, they vary between the time you visit of course. During the time of year we were there, ice skating, mini golf, horse carriage rides, were available. However, remember when I mentioned it had snowed two days before our visit? It was a pretty bad storm and that altered our plans for ice skating and everything else. Those options weren’t up and running because of technical issues or due to icy paths. Regardless, the staff went above and beyond to ensure our kids could still enjoy some type of activities during our stay. I have to give them an enormous shout out and thank them from the bottom of our hearts because this is ALL my kids talked about the whole time.

The equestrian team at the stables would call up every morning and offer our kids a personal horse back ride/walk, one day inside the stables and the other one, outside. It was SO special for them and they repeatedly told us they preferred that to a carriage ride. It was much more personal in my opinion. Also, the staff is just so friendly. They had so many great conversations with our kiddos, it’s like we’ve known them for a while. I can’t say enough great things about them. They made our trip so sweet!

Overall our visit to the Omni Homestead Resort was amazing. We can’t wait to come back and maybe check it out during a different season to see what it’s like in the summer or fall. However, I know they have skiing available in the winter, so we may be back again for another round of the snow haha. If you’re thinking of a good location for some great old souther hospitality, incredible views, and gourmet food, this is the place for you!

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