Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve Mocktails

Looking for some fun kid friendly drink ideas? You’ve come to the right place, ha! I have three yummy & flavorful mocktails that my kids LOVE and enjoy making. You can get the whole crew involved. These are perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration at home.

Best part, you probably have all of these ingredients at home, with the exception of cotton candy. If you do happen to have cotton candy in your kitchen, you’re a lot cooler of a parent than I am 🙂

Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs (NEW 2021)


• Cotton Candy

• Edible glitter (you can find them on Amazon)

• Sparkling apple cider

Sour Patch Kids Italian Ice Float


• Sprite

• Blue raspberry Italian Ice Cups

• Sour Patch Kids xploderz

This is one of my faves! Place 2 scoops of blue raspberry Italian ice in chilled glass. Pour sprite over Italian ice and garnish with sour patch kids skewer.

“Mama’s Dreamsicle Mocktail


• Cream soda

• Orange Slices

• Whipped Cream

Mmm, wait until your kids try this one! If you’re a fan of creamsicles, this one is for you 🙂 This one is fun to make as well. Place thin orange slices along the inside of chilled glass. Add a dollop of whipped cream and pour cream soda in glass. Top off with more whipped cream and orange wedge/ zest for garnish.

We really enjoy making these drinks as a family and I hope yours does to! Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year! 2020 is almost outta here, woo hoo!

XOXO, terri

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