Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Playing dress up never really gets “old”, does it? Whether we’re little girls sneaking our mother’s pearls and lipstick, or getting ready for a fun night out. That feeling of transforming our look and jumping into a new narrative is always exciting!

That’s why we’ve always encouraged costumes and imagination! Those are the memories that last the longest.

Avenleigh and I just jumped into the world of Alice in wonderland with our own little tea party. Full of berries, and cakes, cookies and tea. All we were missing was the white rabbit, ha! I have bought her a few costumes in her day but never have I seen such a quality dress like this Alice dress

It’s just STUNNING! It’s an actual dress. Not just a funky, cheaply made costume. The lace is one of my favorite details on it. Also, the petticoat! How adorable right?? I thought I was going to have to find one on my own to make her skirt look fluffy, but no, it came with it!

I’m linking our favorite place to shop for dress up costumes! Because from one momma to another; this is the place to get them if you’re looking for quality details. Our kids have worn costumes from them for years and they hold up SO well.

Create a little magic for you and those kiddos in your life. I promise you it’s so worth it. Add a little costumes and take it to the next level. This was one of the sweetest days for us and I’ll never forget it.

XOXO, terri

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