Bike Riding With The Right Pair Of Shoes!

This blog post is sponsored by Famous Footwear. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

So I’m sure we’re all at that point in quarantine where we’ve hit a wall. Maybe that happened a while ago, let’s be honest! My new TikTok account is proof of that…

One thing that never gets old for me is finding new ways to experience nature on a different level than before. I also don’t say that flippantly. I make sure that any nature walk I go on is at a safe social distance!

I noticed that I had unintentionally, over the last few years, neglected going on bike rides. Maybe having access to everything and basically life at my disposal, forced me to neglect the simplest forms of entertainment. (Never taking those things for granted again, btw!)

Over the last month, my son and I have set up a routine of going on early morning bike rides through our favorite park/campground. IIt’s been so fun, I feel like a kid again. Also, you guys already know I love me some shoes… I had to get a fun pair for bike riding.

I feel like vans are that perfect blend of casual, cute, and athletic! How fun is the rainbow checkerboard print?! I swear Famous Footwear always has exactly what I’m in the “mood” for.

These daily bike rides have become a great source of exercise for my son and I! For me, it’s helped keep my mental health in a good place. Staying active and productive during such a strange time, can be a great way to combat those negative feelings attached to staying isolated.

Take control of what you can, guys. Exercise and bike rides are NOT cancelled! Am I right? I’m serious, this is what now, the third blog post I’ve mention getting yourselves a new pair of shoes and heading out into nature? That’s because it’s working for me! If you’re looking for a good and healthy way to cope during this time, browse the Famous Footwear site, find yourself a pair of shoes you love, and (safely) get into nature. You won’t regret it!

Hope you’re all staying safe and hanging in there!! Lots of love to you guys.

XOXO, terri

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