Get the shoes, girl!

This blog post is kindly sponsored by Famous Footwear. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

The other day I walked into my closet and I immediately felt that cringe feeling that things had to be purged out of my wardrobe. Fast! Honestly, like how does that even happen? How did I acquire enough pieces to clothe a small village??

You know what though, it really was the perfect time to donate and only keep the things I loved! Also, do you ever have a hard time letting go of those shoes that you love to wear but they’re crying out to be replaced? Like for example; I had these really great platform sandals that I love to wear during the warmer seasons. They were the kind of sandals that you could dress up or keep it casual. Shoes like that are gems!

You guys would be proud though, I had my adult moment and realized it was time to get rid of them. Which in my world is also the green light to replace them! I always swing by Famous Footwear when I’m looking for fun shoes. They seriously have it all! It’s also at this really great outdoor shopping mall where they sell my favorite smoothie, it just turns into a great day. Shoes + smoothies= heaven!

Back to shoes though! Those old (but cute) platform sandals… I found them again at Famous Footwear! I was soo excited.

Is it just me or do shoes really know how to make an outfit pop? That’s honestly why I appreciate going to Famous Footwear. They have a shoe for every occasion. It REALLY is so convenient for us as a family. I mean anywhere you can find shoes for 5 very different people with very different tastes, you’re winning! We have a few special events coming up this year and I know I can count on finding the right pair of shoes there. We always do! My suggestion to you is to get into Famous Footwear soon and add a little spring in your step with some fun new kicks.

Mmm, I’ve been waiting for you Spring. Please stay forever.

XOXO, terri

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