Hey guys! Yes, I’m still here, I know it’s been a minute since my last post but that happens in the real world of mommy-ville. Thankfully, this mommy got a vacation in somewhere in between all of that chaos! So summer beach houses, if you’ve never thought of it or haven’t tried it; RUN, its the most relaxing and beautiful getaway. Seriously. This summer tradition of packing up and taking off for a week has been one of the most sweetest times for our family. In- laws, siblings, and, lots of kiddos all packed under one very large roof and its freaking amazing.

_U1E5385 _U1E5287

The beauty of living in a place that is surrounded by gorgeous beaches has its perks! You don’t have to travel far at all to find a dreamy destination 🙂

_U1E5373 _U1E5284

our kiddos are complete water babies, born and bread by the oceanfront. there’s no pulling them away from the water, its so fun to see their love for the ocean. they’re so fearless!!

_U1E5283 _U1E5279

letting them be to free to explore is a little tough for me because I’m prone to hover and make sure they’re not in any danger. I think the part I often forget about or just simply overlook, is that the true danger is not letting them figure things out on their own. Allowing them to have the confidence to try something new. You know that tangible bravado you felt when you were smaller and thought you could conquer whatever you set out to do? THAT, that’s what I want to encourage in our children. Not the awful fear stricken “fuddy-duddy-ism” (yeah I totally made up a new word) that grows in us as we age… I mean not all of us turn out so prudish, lol.

Anyhow, our time off was soooo needed and so short, bleh, but I can clearly relive the days through these sweet photos. So, more snippets of our vacation to come, stay tuned!

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