take a walk… (vacation part II)

Did I mention beach house week was amazing?! Sandbridge Beach is one of our most loved places to be, there’s something for everyone. From Kayaking, Paddle Surfing, to beach side play areas for the littles. One of the things we did almost every evening, was go for a walk with the kids, down to the park so they could let out the last bit of energy they had left.

_U1E5297 _U1E5301

I loved cutting through the “secret hideaways” as the kids would say, but really I was just trying to creep and take a peek at these colorfully fun condos, ha! It’s darling how everything becomes an instant adventure for them, are your kids like that too?

_U1E5305 _U1E5314_U1E5313 _U1E5308 _U1E5316

It’s the simple things like this they’ll remember as being one of the greatest moments spent together as a family.

Orange popsicle top by: Zara kids / Pink Sandals by: Saltwater Sandals


  1. I just spent last weekend in sandbridge! (And at those colorful condos) so its really ironic that I came across your site today. I loved the area! Oh and your family is adorable as well (:


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