Strawberry fields forever

It’s that time again! Muddy feet, blazing sun, and yummy berries to be picked! _U1E4552 _U1E4534_U1E4537

This year the field was particularly muddy because of all this rain we’ve been having lately, and oh my gosh, our feet were a scary sight. Leave it up to me to wear sandals and dress in light colors. At least we looked cute for a minute, right? 😉


This is one of my favorite activities do to with the kids, I just love seeing them going after the biggest and best berry they can find. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to talk about creation and how perfectly detailed God has made everything. How there’s a process, how patience bears sweet fruit, literally

_U1E4557 _U1E4541 _U1E4540_U1E4555_U1E4544_U1E4583

This was our first time visiting this particular strawberry field and to our surprise we spotted some horses on their land! That made the whole experience even more special. I love those beautiful creatures in all their glory 🙂

_U1E4620 _U1E4643_U1E4631_U1E4630

                                                                                                                                                                                        I think we’ll be visiting this place a whole lot more this season! Now, what to make with all these berries??

IMG_0292XOXO, terri

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