Saratoga Springs weekend

Been waiting for this last weekend for a while now…the big family get together for my cousin’s wedding in NY! we stuffed the five of us into the navigator and set off for a very LONG car ride up to the mountains of good ol Saratoga Springs + can I say that this place is nothing short of darling in every sense of the word?! If I could transport us up there forever, I so would… the cutest town ever.

_U1E3663 _U1E3658 _U1E3666 _U1E3669 _U1E3665_U1E3662

I’m so used to rural areas that the thought of walking down the street to a quaint little coffee shop has always been a distant dream. We were loving the small city vibe and the chance to finally walk through the town and explore all of those sweet shops! One of the memory makers has to be the park we visited on this day. Congress Park reminded us of a mini central park. full of beauty and rolling hills. I mean, it was just so dreamy, seriously!

_U1E3675 _U1E3673 _U1E3670 FullSizeRender _U1E3688

…But let’s just talk about how cold it was!! It felt like we turned back the clock to somewhere in late fall. I mean, we were fully layered up! What’s up with that, Spring??

_U1E3687 _U1E3680 _U1E3678 FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3

didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves at all + stuffing our faces with all the yummy ice cream at their local ben + jerry’s, we have our priorities straight 😉

Wish our visit could have been a longer one. Till next time SP, we heart you so!

_U1E3698 _U1E3699 _U1E3703

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