Make a Difference Where You Are

This blog post is sponsored by TIAA All thoughts expressed are my own.

You know those moments when you start thinking about those people who have really impacted your life? I just had one of those moments recently. Probably because I came across her photos on facebook, ha. Whatever the reason, I just took a minute and thought about how much she has encouraged me and made a difference in my life, whether she knows it or not. I’m totally going to embarrass her now, but she needs a little lime light shed on her, its well deserved. My beautiful cousin, Jessica.

This girl is one of the most selfless people I know. For as long as I can remember, Jessica has always aimed to bring people together. It makes perfect sense that she is 9 years deep into her nursing career.

I’ve seen the hard work  and level of commitment that has gone into achieving her goals, and that just stirs up my soul with encouragement. Even during her darkest moments, and long (sometimes thankless) hours spent caring for others, she has remained joyful and strong. I want to be just like her “when I grow up” 🙂

This is why I desperately want to urge Jess to nominate herself for the TIAA Difference Maker 100 program!

For the last 100 years, TIAA has created a sustainable retirement system for teachers. Today they are the leader in serving the financial needs of people in academic, government, medical, cultural and other nonprofit fields. To celebrate this wonderful centennial anniversary, TIAA is recognizing 100 people who work for nonprofit organizations and are having a positive impact on the world. Giving them the opportunity to receive $10,000 to help support the nonprofit where they’re making a difference. So yeah, that is $1 million in donations to 100 people! Such an amazing opportunity to make a difference where you are!

I know some of you are reading this and already have that person in mind. Don’t ignore the chance to tell them about this! This could really make a difference for the nonprofit they work for. To be honest, TIAA is one of the companies that really cares about giving back to the community. This is such a great way to be intentional where we are. If you know of anyone that would be a great fit for this program, tell them to nominate themselves :). Best of luck to you all!

XOXO, terri


3 Tips for Winter Skincare Survival

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This post is sponsored by 
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant
 All thoughts and opinions expressed, are my own.

Winter Skin. It’s a thing. It’s not pretty. Being raised in Florida, all I ever had to worry about were the humid days and how to control the inevitable frizzy hair. Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve had to endure a huge climate change. Even though we may not be pummeled by snow, like true northerners, it’s still wicked cold up here. Winter skin does not only create dull and even ashy skin, it’s annoyingly flaky and itchy too. I’ve done my share of research on how to battle this yearly foe and I thought I would share with you all my top 3 (and trusty) tips for winter skin care survival, with a little help from Dr. Alicia Barba. Sound good? K, cool. Let’s get right to those!

SO, what’s the first thing you think of when trying to brighten up dull and dry skin? For me, outside of the obvious hydration, I think of removing the dead skin via exfoliation. While exfoliating can be great, it’s actually a no no during the winter months. Dr. Barba says; over-exfoliating can strip the skin of it’s essential oils, leading to nasty breakouts. This whole process just dehydrates your skin. Instead, invest in a hydrating cleanser! Moisturize that skin girl!

Roll up those sleeves! Our winter wardrobe hides our skin from the outside world and from us as well. We tend to ignore those legs, and arms. Leaving them looking a little reptilian. Be intentional and moisturize beyond the face. Those areas need the extra care too!

Care for your underarms! Did you know that underarm skin is sensitive? You wouldn’t think so, seeing as though its not always the smoothest. But its true. Dr. Barba says that T-textures and fabrics in sweaters can irritate that part of the skin. You’ll definitely need a product that will keep you hydrated and protected.
Dove Advanced Care
 is formulated with moisturizers to help alleviate irritation and leave you with softer and smoother underarms.

So a quick recap on these 3 tips:

Don’t over-exfoliate

Hydrate all of your skin

Care for your underarms

Personally, I can tell you that since I started using

Dove Advanced Care I’ve noticed softer  underarms. Not to mention, it provides 48 hour odor and wetness protection. If you haven’t had a chance to try it for yourself, next time you’re at the store, add it to the list.m, and be sure to check out Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant here You’ll thank me… and can we talk about those delicious scents. Oh. My. Personal fave is the restore nutrium moisture! SO good.

Now you know… fight off that winter skin, ladies!

XOXO, terri.

This post is sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. All thoughts are my own.

Pause. Take a breath. Repeat.

This blog post is sponsored by Famous Footwear. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Doesn’t reading that title make you feel just a little more at ease? If it does, you might be a “full plat-er” like me. Yeah, that’s a new term I just coined for people that are extreme over achievers and have the inability to say no when needed.

Of course, this mentality spills over into all aspects of life. Including my desire to make sure we have the most perfect holiday. The special presents, the mouth watering delicious meals. It’s exhausting. I literally have to tell myself to “pause, take a breath, and repeat as necessary”.

This past weekend, we did just that. It was simple and beautiful. No agenda but to enjoy each other’s company. A little reminder that it is just as important to take a break from the holiday chaos.

I’ve really adopted Famous Footwear’s #STEPFORWARD mentality. Where “everyday is a chance to get one step ahead”. That range is so wide, it can be a step towards getting that degree or as simple as getting everyone out the door ahead of schedule. Famous Footwear cheers you along your journey! For us, it looks like taking that step towards a necessary break. Knowing when to walk away and treat yourself!

Not to mention, the shoes! Not a bad way to reward ourselves, am I right?? I found the greatest pair of boots for this season. So obsessed with the style. I seriously have been looking for some like these for a while now, and none of the ones I found were quite right. I’m such a happy girl right now!

Honestly, mom to mom, I love finding great name brand shoes for a good value. I scored some nice kicks for the kids while browsing for my boots. So excited I found Avenleigh, new shoes. She is wearing the cutest sneakers by ROXY I love the side zipper (try saying that 5x’s in a row) option, because it’s really easy for her to slip on herself. Because you know I’m all about independent kids these day!

Bringing it back to where this started; How do YOU make time for yourself during the holidays?

If that gave you pause… reevaluate some things and make necessary changes. Spoil yourself (or a loved one) with a couple pairs of shoes while you’re at it. You deserve it!

XOXO, terri

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‘Cook Better Food More Often’

Raise your hand if you’re bored to tears with the weekly meal planning? Ok, I almost had to laugh…’meal planning’? What is that life? I usually whip up whatever is convenient and easy to make. Preferably, not coming out of a box! But hey, no judgment here if that’s your thing.

I want to jump on the healthy mom bandwagon as much as the next girl, but keeping it real here, that’s not our reality on most days. However, that is seriously about to change all thanks to Hestan Cue

Never heard of it? No worries, I was in the dark too! But oh my gosh, you’re going to be so happy you stumbled across this blog post in a few minutes.

Ok, so nowadays, everything has pretty much become a “smart” version of its plain former self. Smart phones, smart cars, freaking smart fridges (I REALLY want one of those btw). So why stop there? How about a smart cooking system? Yep, someone thought of it. It’s real. Take a look at my new bff (my dishwasher has now been demoted from that status) she’s a beaut!




So, before you think this is just another kitchen gadget… let me teach you how this smart cooking system is actually your COACH in the kitchen!

But first…

What makes it smart?

The Hestan Cue smart induction burner connects you to your cooking through bluetooth. The smart module receives heating instructions from the Cue mobile app which I seriously get a kick out of! Fortunately for my fam, no fear of scorching our dinner anytime soon, ha! You can have complete confidence because Cue automatically controls the vital variables; like cooking time and temp, as you proceed through the recipe.


How many of you struggle while following recipes? Wishing you could actually see it go down step by step. That’s where this amazing Cue app comes into play. The app provides you with video guided recipes. Which by the way, are recipes that have been created by Michelin-star chefs, so yeah, there’s that! These videos literally walk you through each step. So even if you’ve never julienned an apple, you’ll see exactly how to do so. THAT is freaking cool, right?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was so giddy to use it for the first time. The kids couldn’t wait to try out the salmon. Quite literally couldn’t wait, I had to shoo them out of the kitchen about ten times!


Honestly, I felt like I needed to be on TopChef for a second. Pretty sure I elevated my cooking skills. This is what I meant by having a coach in the kitchen! You feel trained to do the job on your own. So great!


I’m SOO pleased with how dinner turned out! It was delicious. This Salmon recipe had me at brown buttered sauce. *Drool*

Please please please take a peek at this smart system. It is the greatest help around kitchen, and super versatile! I’m totally making some blueberry pancakes in the morning.


XOXO, terri
This blog post is sponsored by Hestan Cue. All thoughts and views are my own. 

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Ditch Them or Still Need Them?

So, those moments in which you realize you’ve just had a major mom fail. Not the greatest reflection on those parenting skills, am I right? Well, 8 years deep into this mom gig and three kids later, I am still discovering ‘common knowledge’ basics.

The most recent discovery; learning that my older boys were still required (by our NC laws) to use a booster seat. I. Was. Shocked. Before you judge me too harshly or ask the most basic of questions; “How did she not know something like that?”, most of my mom friends are in the dark about this as well.

We kept the boys in booster seats for almost 6 years. They’re pretty tall boys for their age, and after a little while, they just started to look silly in those seats. To be honest, they were super uncomfortable.

So, I did what most moms do… I asked my fellow mama’s how long they kept their kids in booster seats. Like I said before, none of these kiddos were using them at that point. After seeing tons of my son’s peers get picked up and dropped off at school (with no booster seat in view), I assumed I was in the right to do away with those, and ditch the seat.

Fast forward to a couple years later. I was searching for a new design for Avenleigh’s seat (age 4), I noticed they made them for my son’s age as well. I was stunned. Given my inquisitive nature, I couldn’t just leave it alone. I had to look into this a little further. I read up on child passenger safety as well as which laws pertained to us by state. I could not believe that both our boys were still required to use booster seats.

Not only had they been out of those seats for 2 years or so, they had no interest in regressing. When I brought up that we would need to purchase some booster seats for them, they were horrified. Afraid their friends would think they were seating in seats like toddlers do. I knew the seat that I was looking for had to be sleek and “cool” enough that they would not think of it as regressing but the new norm.

When one magical day, I bumped into Clek Inc over on Instagram. These car seats are SO sleek, more importantly, built for safety and comfort. I found exactly was I was looking for. A great design for each kiddo that I knew would last and be sturdy enough to survive a spilled happy meal or two.



The Oobr and the Olli are SUPER easy to install in your car. They have a built in rigid latch system that clicks right into the seats lower anchors.


It’s like second skin to the seats. A snug fit! Also, good news for you travelers. These seats are convenient to tote around with their detachable strap.



Doesn’t it look so comfy?! Oh and it also comes with a cup holder… that I didn’t find until after this picture, ha! I chose Avenleigh’s Oobr seat with the back option because I feel that she still could benefit from the extra support. Also, if you’ve ever watched my insta-stories, you know this girl loves to sleep in the car! Having her head nod around is nonnegotiable.

The boys on the other hand, were great with the backless Olli

Also, as it turns out, they were psyched when the booster seats arrived. It wasn’t what they were expecting… in the best way.

So, if I can offer some tiny advice; one mom to another, read up on child passenger safety. If you happen to be like me, and didn’t know about the age limit on the booster seats, no shame in that. Plenty of time to correct that and find a great seat for your kiddo. I happen to know a great place *wink wink*

If you’re supermom and had this all figured out, nicely done mama! Anyway, whether you’re looking to upgrade your child’s current car seat or wanting to purchase one for the first time Clek Inc really does have some amazing products and accessories. You would be wise to take a peek there, first!

Till next time! Keep those littles safe 🙂

XOXO, terri




Caffeine. Silent Destroyer.

Did you gasp at that title? I never thought I would see the day when I wasn’t on team caffeine and all things coffee, turns out there is truth to caffeine being a silent destroyer. UGH. As of recently I have become incredibly aware of what I’ve been putting in my body and the side effects of those things. Is it beneficial or is it silently harming me, leading me down a path of future health issues?

Ladies, I’m sure at some point in your lives you’ve suffered from a UTI. Not the sexiest topic ever. Not even moderately appealing. However, it is a real issue we as women run into quite often, if we’re not careful!

If you’ve ever experienced that hell you know how uncomfortable it can feel. How hiding out and laying low seems to be the only way to cope. It just sucks the fun out of life, honestly. Not to mention the obligatory doctor’s visit for a good round of antibiotics. Personally, I’m not down with any of that. I much rather take preventative steps and try my very best to avoid that beast whenever possible.

The amazing news is that AZO can help protect against UTI’s! AZO can help provide pain relief from UTIs! They also have other amazing products like UTI Test Strips that give results in just two minutes and AZO Cranberry ® which helps cleanse and protect the urinary tract. These boxes may as well be wearing capes because they’re kind of superheroes.

So why hate on caffeine?? Well, here’s the thing; caffeine is particularly known to cause bladder irritation and worsen urinary tract symptoms. No that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious latte ever again!  If you’re anything like me though, and consume more that two cups of coffee a day, it is a given the road you’re walking down is not a great one.

There are so many benefits to adding options like AZO Urinary Tract Defense and AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health  into your daily routine. Number one being the best choice to help protect and maintain your urinary tract health.

Take control of your body and how it fights back! Stay healthy, ladies!

XOXO, terri

Make a splash. Make it count.

We’re officially in back-to-school month around here! I’m not going to pretend I’m all smiles and giggles over this. When summer comes to an end, its always a little gut wrenching having to switch gears into ‘reality’. With that in mind, I always cling onto that silver lining. I love the clean slate of a new school year for the kiddos. I always wonder what their favorite subject will be this time around. What will they’ll excel in? How will they choose to express themselves?

As a family, the arts play a big role in our lives. Both my husband and I grew up in an atmosphere that helped nurture our penchant for music, painting (well, Tim not so much, HA), and so on. We definitely know the importance of that freedom to express ourselves through art. Naturally, we have always encouraged our children to do the same.

I am so excited to be partnering with Minnetonka on their ‘back-to school give back’ campaign (in collaboration with Lindsay Stewart). Both Minnetonka and Lindsay Stewart of Free Range Mama collaborated on a mommy & me hand painted collection that celebrates young imaginations and the people who help nurture them. The neatest thing about this collaboration was not only do we get to see a fun new twist on those beloved moccs but a portion of the proceeds will go towards funding classroom projects in partnership with

This is such a wonderful way to give back to our children and empower them to express themselves! Also, you could always use a fun new pair of Moccasins 🙂

Make sure to check out this absolutely amazing project, join us in making a splash!

XOXO, terri