Union Jack Birthday Theme

Earlier this year we had the chance to visit the United Kingdom and immediately fell in love with London. My middle son knew he wanted a Union Jack themed birthday when he turned 13.

For this post, I will be sharing just a few ways I incorporated this theme for his birthday photo backdrop. There are a lot of options you can do and choose from when hosting a party, but for my son’s birthday set up, I did the basic cake stand and photo wall for pictures. A photos station/ present table is a tradition I do for all of our kids for their morning birthday surprise.

A photo wall/ present table for us can vary with a mix of presents, balloons, cake, cupcakes, banners, and streamers. For this Union Jack themed table, I found some really great options on Amazon. This British Banner set includes 14 pieces! You have to self assemble but it’s very easy to do.

One of my favorite finds had to be these balloons from Amazon. This set includes 80 pieces! I figured I could store the extra balloons for any patriotic holiday. The confetti filled ones are so fun!

If you love number balloons, I’m about to change your life with this hack. Backstory- I would always pay about $10 per number balloon at party city, and while I love to shop there, it can get pricey. I found the best alternative on Amazon! Spoiler alert: most of my party supplies come from Amazon these days haha. These balloons are just as big, can be self inflated with a straw or helium inflated if preferred. They come in a range of colors too. This number 13 set was only $7.99! Pretty great deal if you ask me.

Another great hack is to buy your cake toppers and candles from Amazon. They have better designs and are less expensive. I found this number 13 candle set in gold and was obsessed right away. There are so many colors available. The “official teenager” cake topper was a must! It was the perfect finish to his Union Jack themed cake.

His cake was another quick hack for me! I have to find some shortcuts along the way when I have baseball games in between set up time. Life is busy but we should always make time to celebrate those special people in our lives. For the cake- I bought a cake from the grocery store. Took off the frosting and added store bought fondant. It eliminated the baking process for me and allowed me to jump right into decorating. For my first flag, I think it turned out great! He was so excited and that’s all that matters to this mama.

These are just a few simple ways to add a lot of flare to a birthday table. Like I said, you can go as big or as little as you want and still make it feel personalized and special.

Keeping the theme going with wrapping paper is always a good idea!

Hope you found some value in these suggestions!

Cheers mate! 🇬🇧

XOXO, terri

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