Cheese and Crackers Pumpkin Pies

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready can take soo long. Especially for the kiddos! In the spirit of keeping everyone happy (and fed), I am sharing one of my favorite snack hacks, that is both adorable and delicious.

Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers?? The days of serving it up on a platter as is, are over! Cheese and crackers but make it cute is the new motto for 2021.

Tell me these aren’t the cutest little “pumpkin pies” you’ve ever seen?

I’m going to show you just how I made these! They may look intimidating, but I promise, you can create these in under 5 minutes.

You know I appreciate a good tutorial video, so I’m going to skip a lot of the “talk” and jump right into showing you the process. Video down below!

What you’ll need…

• Block of mild or sharp cheddar cheese (mild slices better and won’t crumble!)

• Box of Chicken Biskits

• Box of Triscuit Thin Crisps

• Tub of whipped cream cheese (choose your flavor)

• Piping Bag and frosting tip 18

Watch video for instructions:

Hope you’ll give this fun method a try this Thanksgiving. These will give the turkey a run for its money. They’ll surely be the talk of the day!


XOXO, terri

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