His/Hers Home Office

It’s been a long time coming, but I am thrilled to say, our home office renovation is finally complete!

Since the start of Covid, our house has undergone a few changes. We had to make room for homeschooling our kids and we also had to wedge in a desk for my husband to work from home. It was such a crazy environment, but we navigated through it!

When the kids returned to in person teaching, things slowly started to ease back into a more “normal” routine. However, we found ourselves with a very uncomfortable loft/playroom/office space. Like I said, my husband has been working from home ever since the start of Covid and his desk set up has not been the greatest.

I knew we needed to update this space AND I thought; this would be a great time to create a his/hers office so I could have a place to work as well. Not that I mind propping up my laptop on my bed, but ya know, trying to be more of an adult here 🙂

That’s when Arhaus came to mind. I’m the biggest fan of their pieces and I’ve worked with them on every other home project, so why not!

One of my favorite perks they offer has to be the option to work with a design consultant. You get all the benefits of working with an interior designer, for free! I had the pleasure of working with the ever so talented Donna Verdi once again, and she did not disappoint. I was able to send over the concept of what I needed our home office to look like. The kind of storage we needed and she did the rest. I was floored when I saw her design come through. It was more impressive than I could have imagined. You know how you can look at a space over and over again and never picture it looking different in a million years?? That’s how I felt about our office/loft. Somehow, she worked her magic, and turned this space into the most incredible his/hers office you ever did see.

Ready to see the before?

Scary right? This is what my poor husband had to endure for almost a year, haha.

Here’s our fairytale after…

Can you even believe it? Someone pinch me! It doesn’t even feel like the same room. I could have never envisioned this! Arhaus pieces are truly special. They can transform any space! (I will link each piece for reference, down below). We are so thrilled to be working from home! This is more than what we dreamed of.

If you’re looking to renovate/update any space in your house, inside or out- try Arhaus first! You’re going to be blown away by the craftsmanship of the furniture. Be sure to take full advantage of their design consultants. Your room can go from boring to incredible!

List of products

Center desk (on sale now)

Corner desk (on sale now)

File cabinet

Book case

Hide rug

Leather chair

Wall art

Antique brass table lamp

Geometric table lamp

Enjoying browsing! So many great pieces 🙂

XOXO, terri

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