Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Recipe

Have about 6 minutes to make the most delicious coffee concoction to come out of 2020? K, cool, because you’re going to LOVE me for it.

It’s so simple that you’ll only need to know the ingredients and watch a 30 second video to know how to make your own.

My sister in law had been telling me for weeks that this “at home” pumpkin cream cold brew was the most fantastic Starbucks copycat out there and I just didn’t get it. I believe it now. I wholeheartedly believe!

We tried two different versions of the recipe. One with pumpkin purée and one without- just to see what the fuss was about. My opinion you ask? Both are delicious, but the pumpkin purée does have my heart. It has a bold pumpkin flavor that just feels like home!

Updated 2022 video with slightly different options if you’re interested:

So here’s what I used:

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew w/ purée


1/3 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tsp of pumpkin purée
Splash Pumpkin Spice Latte Flavored Coffee Creamer
Pinch Pumpkin Pie Spice
6-8 Ounces Cold Brew Coffee (or Chai if you’re not a coffee lover)



Follow video for steps!

For the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew without purée just add a little more creamer and ground pumpkin spice to your milk mix

So delicious you guys!! Try this NOW, for real, go!


XOXO, terri


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