Virtual Learning Spaces

Distance learning round two anyone? Back in late March/ early April the world as we knew it, changed. Terms like “virtual learning” were buzz words that you couldn’t escape from. Now it’s the new normal!

If you’re like us and you have your kids distance learning at home, “may the odds be ever in your favor”, ha! So it occurred to me that before this thing, we really didn’t have a designated area for them to study. I always think of my kiddos as “young” and the thought of adding desks to their room never crossed my mind. I was more of dress up corner and cute little vanity table kind of decorator.

Leave it to a necessity to instantly spark the good ideas, right? Having the three kids at the dining table back in March was a “terrible, horrible, no good” very bad… idea. They would chat, get distracted, just not great!

SO, naturally that needed to change ASAP. I added desks throughout the house to help them have their own personal space. The boys share a room so I had to add an extra desk in our loft/ playroom. Here’s a peek at how I made it work. If you’re looking to add a desk in your kiddos rooms, too, we have really enjoyed these. They have a great aesthetic and they’re pretty functional as well. Found all of them at good ol trusty Target!

Avenleigh’s Desk

She’s my little 2nd grader princess. She loves all the flowers and butterflies. Somehow adding a desk into this pink explosion, didn’t ruin the look. It neutralizes it in a great way!

Liam’s Desk

Liam is our new middle schooler (ugh someone hold me) so we added a more sophisticated desk to his space. It’s my favorite of the three. Love the drawers and the small details.

Phoenix’s Desk

We gave Phoenix (our new 5th grader) the loft desk because he gets distracted SO easily! If he sat in front of a window, all bets are off.

Because this also happens to be our playroom area, he does get to enjoy the perks- being propped up right by the gum ball machine. Ha! Little joy of learning from home, right? Then again, after next week, I’ll let you know if that was a good idea or not 🙂

All three kids seem pretty excited with their new learning spaces. We’re so glad we could arrange it for them.

To all of you out there returning to physical school or distance learning, best of luck and keep safe!! Have a great school year!

XOXO, terri

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